Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Technical Challenges of Life.

With the last draft of latest travel book completed, it was time to catch up on more technical aspects of marketing and life.

The Nat Cargius Hair Experience.

Firstly though, I addressed a technical matter of another kind and paid a visit to my favourite crimper in his new salon. Well, first things first and we do have a wedding in the offing.
The Nat Cargius Hair Experience is one to savour. Unusually for most hair salons, you have Nat's undivided attention and skill from consultation through to colour application, shampoo, cut, and finish. You really do get what you pay for. Nat has been looking after my tresses for a number of years. (This time I simply said 'chop it off' and left him to it.)
We have many chats about his native Italy and my travels as he snips away to give me a style to suit my face.This time we discussed colour and the new range of fruit-based colours. So vibrant. 
(Nat has recently opened his new salon in Rossett. Being early, I was settled on a beautiful white and gold sofa in the  private consulting area for the cosmetic hair piece and custom wig specialist side of the business - Really Really me. Nat also caters for the men with traditional barbering (wet shaves) services - steam towels etc just as you see in the films.)
https://www.linkedin.com/pub/nat-cargius/3a/979/7a8 https://www.facebook.com/natcargiusreallyreallyme
There is also a new Nail Bar next door so preparations for that special occasion are one-stop and no need to move the car. Yes, there is parking too!

Google Books and Google Play.

Hair sorted, I then turned to file uploads for Christal Publishing to Google Books and Google Play.
Submission guidelines and file naming extensions are specific and different for each organisation. The print books are image rich but are in grey scale (b&w); the Google preview files therefore have to show images in grey scale which meant using the print format files. The interior images in the eBooks are in rich colour; I had to use the correct eBook file with correct ISBN.
They are now all live in both Google Books with links to buy and the eBooks available in Google Play. Good stuff! There are a few processing errors though as in some instances they have put the print book price as the eBook price.
A message will be sent to Google to correct! The eBooks range from under £2.00 to around £3.50 for the more technical 'workshop-in-a-package' ones. All a bargain.
See them all here.

Amazon Search Inside.

I realised that the first three (travel and ORANGES) had been uploaded with the interior images in colour for the print books. The print formats are in grey scale so this meant a new formating session. Thank goodness for Adobe Acrobat Pro as it made it all so much easier.Again, there were different submission guidelines and file naming requirements.
After re-formatting the travel books and uploading, I uploaded the Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides. These are still being processed.
Checking on Amazon.com,(US store) to my horror I found that they had used the 1st edition of Just Us Two (2009 Author House) as the preview for the 2nd edition 2012 Christal Publishing. A polite notice explained this saying that you would get the second edition you had searched for. This was not good enough. Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery 2nd Edition has a different jacket front and back, a different copyright, ISBN,different format, and back matter for links to other publications.
If the Amazon UK site can get it right. . . .
Visit my UK Amazon page  Visit my US Amazon page

I am still feeling very relaxed after a lazy Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday but needs must and I have to pop off now to see my Mum and sort one or two things out. Then it is back to a final jacket design  for The Long Leg of Italy where you can explore with Just Us Two from the borders with Switzerland and Austria at the top to the toe where it meets Sicily. Watch this space!

2nd Draft. The Long Leg of Italy jacket front.

Rosalie xx  

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