Thursday, 7 August 2014

Some Basic Skills for Employability. Check Your Knowledge.

Last month our first topic in this series was 'Working Effectively in the Workplace - An Employability Skill.'
You are looking for a job or promotion. You have had an interview. Did you impress the interviewer - your prospective employer? Do you have what it takes or have you failed on some basic points?

Below are some check points based on the topics in Chapter Three of Skills for Employability Part One: Pre-Employment. They can be found at the end of the chapter.

"If you have completed all the tasks set out in this chapter properly, we can see if you have understood the lessons in the topics.
You have learned about attitude and behaviour required in the workplace; things to think about in getting to work on time; how to communicate effectively and a little about working effectively.

In Chapters One to Three we have looked at preparing for work (looking for a job and where you fit in); how to go about getting the job you want; and working effectively in the workplace. You have come a long way in a short time haven’t you?
For now . . .

Check your knowledge.

  1. What action should you take if you are delayed in getting to work?
  2. Why is personal hygiene important?
  3. Name three methods of communication.
  4. Is it acceptable to use slang or ‘text speak’ in e-mails? Y/N
  5. You have been given a task and don’t understand one of the instructions. What do you do?
  6.  Why is it important to plan what you have to do?
  7. Name two kinds of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  8. Why is it important to look at how well you did the job or task?
You will find the answers within the chapter. Now you can go back and check your knowledge 

Then it will be time to take a break before moving on to the next chapter where we will take  a brief look at ICT in the workplace—e-mail, the Internet, the basics of Excel Worksheets, health and safety when using computers—and where you go from here." Excerpt from Skills for Employability Part One: Pre-Employment.

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