Monday, 11 August 2014

Living in an oasis of calm.

Hello from Rosalie's Chatter. Have you all had a good week?

Employment first.

For the last two weeks I have been concentrating on employment, moving forward, and what is expected in the business environment. It is that time of year when exam results are not always as expected and an army of young people have to think about earning their living.
On that point, don't ignore Apprenticeships. They are a fantastic way to earn while you learn and don't forget, although you may not be paid as much as some of your peers, you are not paying for your training. At the end you will have a good qualification, bags of experience and no student debt.
Read the guest articles I wrote sometime ago for about getting that first job and how parents and family can offer support. 
There are more articles in the Feature Articles and Scribbles link in this blog. One is about Steps to Employment.It is relevant for those seeking their first job. And some results are out this week aren't they. Back into the world of work: Steps to Employment. 
Guest Feature posted in Women's Thoughts on-line magazine August 30th 2012 

My Oasis.

But enough of that. What about my oasis of calm as I bury myself in editing a manuscript?
After immersing myself in a huge spell-check session and then tackling the manual edits which my copy-edit/proof-reader found, I have once again been transported back to Italy. An an emotional journey it has been I can tell you. Our first foray to Italy was as an Independent Traveller when we had only been abroad twice and that in an organised group. I am amazed and kept thinking,among my tears, 'Did we do all this?' 
As with the first two in the Just US Two Travel series, we have chosen and prepared the photos to include at salient points in the story. All in colour in the eBook.
Constructive feedback on the first draft for the jacket cover, confirmed one of my thoughts and the jacket has been re-designed. We had more good constructive feedback yesterday so I think we are on the right track.

Another side of my oasis has been my focus on getting fit.
I am always banging on about taking control of your own learning and development. I thought it was time that I took control of my long-neglected fitness.
So, hey-ho! It was off to our local Gwyn Evans Leisure and 
Activity Centre where they had a summer special offer. At the moment I am hurrying to finish this post, as I am off to my Aquafit session shortly. Later in the week I will do a circuit of the gym followed by a gentle swim in the pool at one of the General Swim slots. The gym all came back to me from about ten years ago when I was fit from regular gym and pool sessions. Something certainly went by the board didn't it?  The pool exercises are hard work, especially the polystyrene dumb-bells. No pain, no gain though. The range of machines in the gym is amazing and apart from weight-lifting, I use all of them. My favourite is still the rowing machine which is a good stress buster. You can sort all your problems out on one of those you know. I was pleasantly surprised by the bike as I found this hard last time. Here they have a couple with a back rest which you can adjust for comfort. Great! And I can watch the TV while I pedal as the machines have little screens now plus, there is a large screen on the wall. The time soon passes. Even better I don't have to pay for the pool as I am over that special age which comes to us all - if we are lucky.

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Take Care.

Rosalie xx