Friday, 18 July 2014

Another interesting week - friends, family, and dreams.

Social Media.

I am a prolific, some say, Tweeter and Facebook poster. I was invited to a face-to-face social networking event called a Tweet-Up. What is a Tweet-up? You may ask. It is simply an opportunity to put a face to all those names with whom you chat on a regular basis. The host introduces each part of the event and you can make some interesting connections. Usually there is the dreaded 30 or 60 second individual introduction by everyone. (See Talking the Talk:Getting the Message Across for overcoming nerves and preparation.) There is sometimes a speaker on relevant business issues and a chance to mingle.  If not - well you have got out from behind the desk and back into the real world. 
It is some time since I have been to a tweet-up and was looking forward to connecting at the North Wales Tweets event at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Wrexham which is only a stone's throw away for me. 
This monthly event was a little different; what I understand is a regular, weekly, on-line #nwhour of tweeting, continued here where everyone was focused on their phones and tablets to chat about things to people in the room. It was both preceded and followed by open networking where you could mingle and introduce yourselves. 
I have to say that Jaz Gabeen did a brilliant job in coordinating the event. We had a short chat at the end. I managed to take some pictures from a distance with my phone so apologies if they are not our usual quality. Click here for the Facebook album.
I don't know who provided the cake to sustain us but it was delicious and Becky treated us to a few songs with her powerful voice.
Other people I mingled with were:
Dave Ledward who runs #nwalestweets -Keeping North Wales Social. 
Nikki and colleague from Job Vacancy Portal (Prestatyn).
Debbie Thomas of Grangewood Copywriting. We shared an interest in the learning and development side of HR.
Ms Gaz Jabeen a Dance Teacher . Choreographer from Bollywood Burnout. 
James from 5%Plus Speciality beers from around the world. He runs the Bar at events.
Dan Salisbury of DLS Business Solutions. Web Design and Hosting.
@Chester Tweets.
And last but not least Phil Woods. Editor/F1 Journalist of Pit Lane Reporter. Quite a character. We had an interesting chat about publishing, jacket design, eBook formatting etc as he has written two books.

Different stages of life - a reflection.

I sometimes reflect that as children we simply played with our friends with the only care in the world was what to spend our pocket-money on; which sweets would we choose in the local sweetie shop. As teens we discussed clothes, shoes and the latest pop records - Pat Boone, Cliff Richards, The Shadows as we listened to the latest release through the headphones in the record shop's (Dawsons?) sound-proofed booth. As twenty some-things we discussed babies. Into our thirties it was growing children and their teens. The forties and fifties brought tales of travel and more agonising over adult children. Now  we still discuss families and travel but the main topic of conversation is, I hate to say, about our husbands and our own various limitations and ailments. Knees, hearts, joints, backs - you name it! What will the next era bring? Nursing homes et al?

Getting fit.

In an effort to alleviate some of the problems mentioned in the last paragraph, I am being very good and sticking to my plan of an Aquafit session for an hour on a Monday plus a session in the gym followed by a gentle swim in the nice warm pool on a Thursday. I think it is starting to work. My hamstrings have a bit more stretch and I did more in the Aquafit exercise class this week. The dates are in my diary not to be moved.


The Long Leg of Italy. Amidst all this I did manage to get to the end of editing the chapter on 'The Hidden Lakes, Alps, and Dolomites of Northern Italy' this week. Re-playing our video film was, I found, quite emotional as I re-lived the whole tour. Actually the whole book has been an emotional journey spanning many years, as our first visit on a three cities tour independently was when we had only been abroad twice before - in middle-age. Next to edit is 'Our Journey to the South'.  Watch this space.
All this editing, creativity, and software manipulation certainly keeps the grey cells in shape
Enjoy the weekend.

Rosalie xx

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