Thursday, 19 June 2014

New Sales & Marketing Tools by Smashwords et al.

Amazon KDP recently expanded their reporting tools to include daily sales in graph form and royalties by country. Yes, the title of this post is 'Smashwords' and I am starting with 'Amazon'. But there is method in my madness so to speak. 
The daily sales reporting in KDP iv very useful as you can see at a glance which target markets are being reached. This is useful as Amazon now has more markets than ever before. There is also a handy calendar to select your own data stream.
Smashwords, who use their specialised software to  convert one document to a variety of formats for download from the author's page in the Smashwords store, also ship - if the title reaches the Premium Catalogue for quality - to an increasing number of e-retailers - Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble for Nook, Flipkart, India, libraries via Overdrive and subscription services such as Oyster and Scribd. Time-scales for  reporting from these sites varies. Some, like Apple, report frequently. Others like Kobo, where we have most of our downloads - especially for Just Us Two - really do lag behind and it takes  for instance until the beginning of July for May sales to
appear. So to have a daily report it is exciting,motivational, and encouraging to see what download activity there has been.

Pinterest is a social media site which I have neglected. Not any longer though. I am happily pinning pictures and information to my various boards. I can also pin to my boards images and information which others have pinned to theirs. I saw some lovely shoes on there today. Vertiginous to say the least. And lots of sparkly bits.

Slide Share is a site I first visited at the start of my writing, marketing and publishing career and then - it went on the back burner. For some time I have had notifications of the top slide share presentations of the week and I thought that it was about time I jumped back on the bandwagon. You will find me here. I have uploaded a variety of videos  - some attached to the slide and some presentations.

It is amazing how quickly people see what is posted.

Rosalie xx

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