Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Little Fishes in a Big Pool

Little fishes.

I ended my last post with the following. 'Being a small fish in a big pool, it is heartening to find that our global reach for e-books stretches as far as it does and this would not have been possible without the innovation of Mark at Smashwords. We are actually finding the Kobo is our biggest selling ePub retailer with Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery consistently topping our chart. Overall, through the various distribution channels to which we upload  in formats such as print, Kindle, Adobe *pdf,ePub,we are reaching as far afield as China, Australia, Japan, as well as US, Canada UK and Europe.' 

Following on from this and to expand, it is not surprising that the more technical persona/professional/career development books are more favoured in print on both sides of the Atlantic. In truth, as they can be written in as a work-book this makes sense. They
can however, be uploaded for the tutor to use as a teaching aid to a group of students with the participants having their own hard copy or using a notepad at various points in the Topic. They could also have their own copy downloaded to a reading device... Click on the image for free samples and videos.

What else has Rosalie been up to this last week?

Looking at wider marketing opportunities I pushed a few things to one side. I found that I had to get my head around even more guidelines I did however, manage to accomplish the following:
  • Sorting out photos for the jacket design of The Long Leg of Italy now nearing final stages. This took us back down memory lane. I want to capture the essence of the diversity of Italy and hope to have some drafts ready this week to toss around.
  • Pinterest is my new interest. Sorry - couldn't resist. I have been a little late in setting this up.So today (Monday), I have been busy getting my head around all the Java script to be input into the <body> of the Discover-Rosalie website pages and the pages themselves. Eventually I got it sorted and at the second attempt I have nice red Pin it buttons that work. OH laughingly said that he could see the sawdust piling up on the floor where I have been scratching my head. 
  • Compiling the monthly regional report for our Gold Wing Owner's Club of Great Britain (GWOCGB) newsletter from all the information and photos which members sent me. Lots going on as we are in the season with Wingers spreading out to all parts of the UK for Wing Dings and Europe for International Treffens. Our British Treffen is at the showground in Carmarthen, Pembrokeshire this year. I remember the first time we went there and had a lovely ride to Tenby before we marshalled on the Parade of Nations which goes through the town to the claps and cheers of spectators. It is an amazing sight to go into the main hall and see all the nations' flags strung from the roof.
    At the British International Treffen, Wadebridge 2010
    You don't have to be a member of the Club to attend - it helps but not mandatory. You don't even have to own a Gold Wing - but after going to a Treffen I bet that it will be at the top of your shopping list!
  • OH entered Kindle world and we had fun and games downloading the apps needed to download and read an on-line magazine - a special one.
  • On the Kindle front, I recently read the third and final part of The Widow Maker's Trilogy. A review is at the top of my to-do list. The whole trilogy is a must read and will give you an insight into North Wales long ago. . . .
  • I had a potter in the garden, tidying up pots and a small border.
  • A few months ago, I was invited by author Sonia Marsh - no relation - in the US to submit 'My Gutsy Story' for the monthly competition and possible inclusion into her next anthology. Last week, Sonia heard that she had won the Benjamin Franklin Digital Award at the International Book Awards for her first anthology of sixty-four authors' 'Gutsy Stories'. Congratulations to Sonia.
  • Finally, last week I selected and had printed photos from our Golden Wedding at the end of March. I put these in an album together with all the lovely cards which friends and family sent to us. I also framed a large family photo. It is not often we are all together and amazing to see how the family has grown - in more ways than one. Truly a wonderful memento of a wonderful day. (Now you will all be trying to guess my age. Suffice to say that I was a child bride!
I have had my 'travel' head on again, pondering about a road trip into France and the Pyrenees again. Not this year but it does take some thinking about plus one of my favourite activities -planning travel with real maps.

Rosalie xx

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