Monday, 16 June 2014

Exploring Italy.- with 'Just Us Two'.

Last week, in-between dentist's and business appointments, we pushed on with the book jacket design for the forthcoming Italian delight - The Long Leg of Italy.

Over the years we have travelled from north to south at various times and I am looking forward to sharing our exploits with you. In Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery we shared our adventures from elegance of the south of France, riding high above the coast into the north and Lake Garda where we settled for a few days.

The Long Leg of Italy explores other areas such as Rome - the Eternal City - Florence, Venice, Sorrento. We travelled between all these by train. Escorted tours took us more recently to the many northern lakes which are an eye-opener; the breathtaking Brenta Dolomites, and he south of Italy which is a total contrast to the more industrial and prosperous north and seems like another country. In fact Italy is comprised of what used to be separate states which were unified  just over 150 years ago. More here.

Along the way, we took many lengths of video, many photographs, and recorded much of our travels in family newsletters. Revisiting our journeys and adventures has been a wonderful journey for us. In the book jacket we are trying to reflect the diversity of this wonderful country. There is more work in progress . . .  but here is an early draft. 
The boot or toe of Italy is linked to the island of Sicily by a short stretch of water and reached by a ferry. Oh, the tales we could tell here!
Sicily will be included in the fourth Just Us Two Travel book - Island Interludes - where 'Just Us Two' escape to the sun.

Meanwhile, onward with more creative and absorbing tasks in moving the project to publication.

Rosalie xx

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