Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Looking back. Review, plan and do.

A time for thought.

The last few months have been quiet on the writing front - apart from twittering, blogging, posting on Facebook, and guesting on local radio - but here in my little corner of North Wales I have been doing what I call 'Taking Stock'.
As my print titles are now available in colour, I - ever one to embrace new solutions - got very excited and thought about combining the first two Just Us Two books and publishing as a hardback with all the extensive photographs printed in colour. Long-term though, I decided to leave things as they were were; the e-books are in full colour and a hardback in colour could be quite pricey.

Kindle Blogs.

Quite by chance I stumbled, via Amazon, on Kindle Blogs; not something I was aware of. and decided to investigate more. So Rosalie's Chatter is now available for you on Kindle or Kindle Apps with automatic updates. As with Kindle books you do have to download from the store in your country.
For other Amazon stores simply change the .com for the extension for your country e.g. .es for Spain and .fr for France.

Audio Books.

While I was on the Amazon support page I was also very interested to read about audio books. This is something which I have had at the back of my mind for some time, slowly gravitating to the real possibilities of producing our titles as audio books. I found the tutorial videos useful. A fellow holidaymaker, a Dutchman,in Nerja last year encouraged me to put our titles into audio. He said that he listened in the car. Others have also encouraged me. Doubts about my voice have been silenced with reassurances.
Now a little nearer to accomplishing this, the only stumbling block is the type of microphone. My small desk ones are not sufficient. Well, not as far as I know. It appears that it is perfectly possible to handle everything from your own home studio; also that in many cases the authors own voice is best. For the personal development books in particular, with the addition of either the e-book or print format, this would be the equivalent to a one-to-one training session, any where, any time.... at an unbelievable low cost considering the extent and depth of the content.

Help and advice.

If anyone reading this has any further suggestions about microphones or anything else that would help to bring this project to fruition please pass on your comments in the box below or e-mail me at rosaliemarsh@discover-rosalie.com

Rosalie xx