Thursday, 27 March 2014


Spring is on its way and not only bringing a wonderful show of daffodils , cherry blossom and other spring delights - but also badgers. Yes, badgers. In our garden. All month. At night. Over the 5 ft. wall. Digging up the lawn with their long snouts and feasting on crocus and the pink flowers of the elephant plant in the tubs and even knocking over a tall tub.

We found that they go grubbing for food where there is moss. Well, we have - or had - a lot of moss. In fact, I think that we had a moss lawn, not a grass one. Anyway, to cut a long story short OH trooped off to B&Q to buy an electric Lawn Scarifier.  
The bin men had just been and it was 'green bin' week so the garden bin was handily empty. It soon filled though, almost to the brim there was so much moss and other rubbish.

We heard of one natural remedy, tried it and it worked for a couple of nights until the rain came again. Nothing daunted, OH continued with the natural remedy. The mind boggles, really it does! They are a protected species and cannot be harmed. One night the lights came on in the garden and OH found one snuffling and grubbing under our window. It soon scurried off and jumped back over the wall. I hadn't thought that badgers could jump over a tall wall. We have heard that there is a badger set in the old disused railway cutting behind our boundary and the field and that there are 6-8 of them.
Hopefully, they will get fed up and go and bother someone else. Perhaps an A.S.B.O. would work?

We have a lot going on at present with a family celebration and  book promotional events. We have a special anniversary this weekend. I can't believe it is so many years since we stepped foot on life's rocky road of marriage and we are here in one piece. So much to be thankful for and flowers and chocolates and cards have been arriving for the last two weeks. It is also Mothering Sunday this week so an extra special day.

Last Saturday I wandered to Eagles Meadow shopping development at the far end of town. There, a fund-raising event for Nightingale House Hospice was starting with people dressing up in various characters. They had to be led around by the person carrying the bucket as the person under the costume couldn't see properly.

Time to pop along to see Mum.  More later.

Rosalie x

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