Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Was it like this in Noah's day?

What dreadful hardships many are suffering here in the UK.  Readers of Rosalie's Chatter who live outside the UK may not be aware that vast swathes of the country are under water as rivers burst their banks and the ground simply cannot absorb any more water; many people have had to leave their homes - that must be a traumatic decision - and be taken who knows where to safety and for how long no-one knows. Many could be forgiven for reflecting that they could do with an Ark to keep them safe and dry. Tonight we watched as old and infirm people were chair-lifted by helpers from their homes, across flood water and into waiting boats. Dreadful and scary for them.

The pictures being transmitted hourly on TV, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are truly shocking. The rain is relentless in some areas.  Let's pray for a speedy end to the suffering, get the UK back to normal and look forward to Spring.

Although we, in our little corner of North Wales, are personally not affected, not far away some roads are closed notably near Bangor-on-Dee which is often affected by very heavy rainfall. We also had snow yesterday but that has cleared now.

On a brighter note, with the snowdrops providing patches of white under trees and crocus beginning to show their colours we have real hope that Spring is on the way. It will soon be time to get into the garden, clear the rubbish, weed and feed and prepare for new plantings.

Rosalie x

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