Friday, 24 January 2014

Talking Business with Tracy Jones.My visit to CalonFM our local radio station.

It is a few years since I found the CalonFM studio tucked away in a corner of the Glyndwr University Plas Coch campus. Then I was with Paul for Calon Talks Books after my first book Just Us two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery was let loose on an unsuspecting public.
Yesterday - Thursday I was Talking Business with Tracy Jones.
Actually, if you missed it, the recording is available on the Listen Again button. I will listed later and pick holes in my diction etc. etc. No-one likes the sound of their own voice do they.
Tracy likes to get to the person behind the business and we had a very interesting hour as we discussed how my writing started before moving on to the Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides and how they can help people to succeed, before wrapping up with a bit more travel and how pushing back personal boundaries and personal activities can have a positive impact on professional development.

Thank you Tracy for inviting me and look forward to chatting again later in the year.

Rosalie xx

P.S. In talking the Talk (about speaking in public and more -) I warn against 'erms' etc. Just listening to the recording and counted three!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Catching up with life as we hurtle into 2014

Well it is now live!

Yes, Talking the Talk: Getting the Message across went live and on sale on January 1st. (Shh! There it is in the header picture. It sneaked in!)
If you are ordering on line all you need to do is input 'Rosalie Marsh' into the search box but if you need them,here are the ISBN numbers:
ISBN 978-1-908302-35-9   Perfect Bound Soft Cover.  ISBN 978-1-908302-36-6   e-book-Kindle. ISBN 978-1-908302-37-3   e-book-Adobe DRM. ISBN 978-1-908302-38-0  e-book-ePub.
Well what is it about? Here is a flavour:


What is the purpose of this user-friendly book?
Some of us are frequently in situations where we have to give a talk or presentation.
For some in contrast, their first time is looming frighteningly close.
To help you to prepare well so that you can be confident and overcome nerves.
To help you to deliver an interesting talk or presentation that will be remembered for the right reasons.
After reading this user-friendly book and completing the short activities, you will be able to:
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Understand the basic principles behind effectively ‘getting your message’ across to your audience.
  • Identify the learning needs of your audience.
  • Identify and use effectively visual aids and resources.

Whom is this book for?
Many students are now required to present their projects to the class at an early age. This book therefore, is for a wide range of ages.
  • It is suitable for anyone in a variety of settings, both formal and informal.
  • It is a useful tool for those in a training situation but who have not yet had formal training for the role.
  • It can be used at a variety of depth according to age and ability, from a young age through to academic study and onwards into the workplace and other activities in private life.
Senior School. A short talk about a topic or research project. This could be group work.
Workplace. An informal short talk to a small group to explain a process or findings (problem).
  • A more formal presentation to your department or group of managers.
  • Meetings. A spot in a meeting, at work for example, to give viewpoints or to explain or propose a new procedure.
Networking meeting. A sixty-second introduction, a two-minute or ten-minute slot to pitch your product.
Workshops. You may have to deliver part of a workshop to cover your area of expertise.
Interview. At a higher level, an interview often requires the applicant to give a formal presentation as part of the process.
For anyone of any age who is required to stand before a group of various sizes and give a talk or presentation on a variety of subjects at a variety of depth.

More  at Discover-Rosalie  Links for your favourite reading way in the Bookstore.


MOT Time.

No, not the car. The more human kind, i.e., a visit to the Doctor for a medication review; a visit to the 'vampire' who sucks blood out of your arm who is actually the phlebotomist; then a wait for the results and a visit to our lovely nurse for more checks. She does love my weekly readings and chart for blood pressure. They get scanned onto the computer. 
Both inhabitants of our little igloo have traipsed back and forth in January and thankfully all the healthy eating has paid off - again - in spite of a four week all-inclusive break at the end of 2013. All OK. No smacked hands.
And so life goes on for another six months. 
Actually, I am 'trying' to be extra careful as I have a rather special new dress which I need to be able to still get into in a couple of months. A special occasion coming up! Shh!  


Feeding the inner man.

In the middle of all this, we did not neglect our favourite eaterie the Golden Lion in Rossett where mine host Allan (@Lord Parrington) and his team make the place buzz as all around flock to taste the wonderful ambience, food and wine or beer. They have their own you know. It is called Piffle and I think that you can buy it to take out so that you can enjoy more than you can if driving. But check on that! taking out I mean.  


I was somewhat reclusive last year as I took a step back from networking in general to concentrate on post Employability Skills books marketing, publishing ORANGES: A Journey in June and Talking the Talk on January 1st this year. Quite a big undertaking as manuscripts have to be re-formatted for different eBook platforms.
Now I have started to get my mojo back and have ventured out again.

Tuesday 21st.
After being introduced to Susan Miller of All Words Matter (@allwordsmatter) she invited me to a networking meeting  with Free2Network in the Nelsons Bar at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel. Afterwards we enjoyed an informative chat on various topics which may come to fruition. Susan is also involved with the Best of Wrexham, a local Business Directory. Have you got a 'Best of . . .' in your area?

Thursday (tomorrow as I write) I have been invited to be a guest on our Wrexham local radio CalonFM 105FM on Talking Business with Tracy Jones. We connected through Twitter when I was on holiday last November/December. The show is a 1pm GMT until 2pm. Do listen in if you have a chance either on radio or via web.

So now, having caught up with our Gold Wing biker friends as well, we are bang up-to-date. I am excited about my new brochures which now have a Q-Code on the back. They arrived this morning. Cool! There is  a bit more to do on the marketing front and a huge system upgrade is looming ever closer.
So for now, I will see what hubby is up to in the kitchen. I can hear a lot of chopping noises . . .

Rosalie x x


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Catching up with Goodreads et al.

After the frenetic few months of pre-publishing preparation interspersed with an extended visit to southern Spain, I now have to catch up with my Goodreads entries.
Goodreads is a valuable marketing and social media tool but it all takes time. Especially with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up to date. It is good to connect to like-minded people though. 
In Spain I took advantage of the well-stocked library which the holiday company keep in their dedicated lounge. It was wonderful to be able to absorb myself into all sorts of situations. At home, I read so much on-line on the Net Book  (articles and links etc) that with writing, meeting deadlines, and other everyday things which loom frequently, I find I sometimes neglect actual reading.

2014 will be different as I plan to scale back a little and get out and about more that I did in 2013. Those who know me will be rolling their eyes at this!

So onward to a huge Goodreads update . . .

Rosalie. x

PS. I will be chatting to Tracy Jones on her show 'Talking Business' on Thursday January 23rd from 1pm - 2pm GMT. It is on local radio CalonFM (105FM) and is broadcast from their studio in Glyndwr University, Wrexham, Wales.  Do tune in if you can. Follow the link to see what the show is about. 
Have you visited my Facebook Page yet? Lots of photos and video of travel and book trailers.