Friday, 27 December 2013

Post Christmas Chat

Hello readers!

I hope that you all had a happy and peaceful Christmas and that Santa brought you all your wishes. Did Santa have enough room in his sack for all the chrome which no doubt our Gold Wing biker friends would have wished for?
The tales of flooding and storms which we have seen on the TV are horrendous. Thankfully, in our little corner of North Wales we have been very lucky. OH went into town this morning (Wrexham) and almost got blown away as he turned the corner from High Street to Hope Street. He is now sitting quietly with a newspaper as he recovers.
Today is a catch-up day and I have been very good. Washing, flicking a duster around, watering the flowers, checking the cupboards for a shopping trip - food etc. not clothes. The 'Sales' frenzy doesn't float my boat so to speak and we have resisted all the offers which have poured into the Inbox.
I have a manuscript to format for Kindle but no rush. Time to take a breath. The thing about digital publishing is that it is instant. When you push the button that is that and hey-ho all goes live. Timing is all important.
We are still reflecting on the wonderful trips we had during our stay in Andalucia, southern Spain a few weeks ago. There are lots more things in the memory box of adventures. In Spain, especially Nerja (east of Malaga) they don't start Christmas decorations until early December.  Many of the decorations in the streets and on roundabouts are masses and masses of the rich red Poinsettia plant. Our hotel the Marinas De Nerja excelled itself this year with the construction of two 'trees' made up of many pots of Poinsettias, one at either side of the hotel entrance.

And then they put up a magnificent tree in the foyer. The chap who had the task of decorating it not only had to satisfy the management but he also had free advice from guests. 
'You have missed a bit here. There is a gap there,' and so on. The photo shows the huge wall of glass with wonderful views out to blue skies and the sea.

 You can read more about Our trips to Ronda, Cordoba, Nerja, Granada, and Malaga in my two previous posts. We also went again to the Lecrin Valley and Almunecar.

We were talking to someone yesterday about Spain and Portugal as earlier in the year, we went to Galicia, north-east Spain and the Duoro Valley in Portugal. I wrote a little about these in June. If you haven't read these, they will inspire you. On reflection, with the help of wonderful Saga Holidays  we packed a lot in but our motto is,
'We will do what we can while you can and then we are not saying "if only".' Life is for living!

Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season and a happy and prosperous New Year to you all.


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