Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Talking the Talk now on pre-order for print and eBook! Plus other chatter.


Or as some would say 'a proper book!'
The print/paperback format is live for pre-order on Amazon & Waterstones (UK) plus BookDepository who have all our titles on massive discounts, with free worldwide delivery.


Smashwords recently announced a pre-order agreement through them with Apple, B&N Nook and Kobo. Well, I am thrilled to say that after a smooth upload and vetting by the excellent and helpful Smashwords team Talking the Talk went on pre-order in multiple formats with sampling direct from the Smashwords sites.
It was also very promptly shipped off to Apple iBookstore/iTunes, Barnes&Noble Nook where it is live for pre-order for delivery when released for sale on January 1st 2014. It should be showing in the Kobo store very soon as well. As Apple have their own very stringent criteria, I use that as my yardstick and feel a warm glow inside when I see not just one book but the full range on the Apple sites.

So what is it all about? I for one have experienced learners, who have to prepare for a short talk or presentation as part of the programme, getting all 'het up' as they pile on the pressure. Meetings can also be an ordeal where you have to do your sixty-second introduction, and then, some people are given promotion which throws them straight into the task of training staff without much idea of how to go about it in order to get their message across. In addition, I can relate to my own experiences in a variety of settings and I can assure you that the 3 Vital P's are important. As well as those seven important questions.

Talking the Talk covers all of of this and more, at different levels and depth to help you, the reader, to overcome nerves and deliver with confidence so that your talk/presentation is remembered for all the right reasons.

I have spent some time these last few days updating websites, author pages and preparing files for upload to distributors. Kindle wont be live or available until publication date.

Amazon.com Match Book

Just Us Two, Chasing Rainbows and ORANGES have been entered into the new Amazon promotion. If you have or are about to purchase a print copy of any of these for yourself or as a present, you can download the Kindle eBook for $0.99c ( yes 99cents) for yours to keep. This will run until the New Year. (Just Us Two and Chasing Rainbows have a new jacket for the eBook)

What is next on the Agenda? 
After this intense period with writing, editing, formatting, marketing etc., a short step back is on the horizon before I pick up The Long Leg of Italy again. This is almost ready for a good old edit and proof reading session but, not being of a technical nature, is a bit more relaxed. Well, to be truthful the content is just as detailed but formatting is simpler which makes it simpler for eBook preparation.  The background of my mind is mulling over jacket design. . . 

A bit of light relief.
We have enjoyed a full month with Gold Wing meetings both regional and national with lots to catch up on. It is always good to catch up with far flung friends in the Gold Wing family.

A husband-wife exchange.
Me. 'Do you like my hair?'
Him. 'It is always nice.'
Me. 'You are supposed to say that it is different.'
Him. 'It is always different.'
Me. Exasperated. 'I have had a little chop. And the colour.'
Him. 'Every time you sit at the dressing table the hairdressing scissors fly up!
Me. 'Well is it OK?'
Him. Grudgingly, 'Yes' with a teasing smile.

He has got a point though and it is some months since I visited my nice Italian hair artist as I have been holed up in chez nous. Nat is the only  one I will trust with my hair. Actually, I wanted to be a hairdresser and beautician and work on the big ships and travel. In those days, girls weren't always afforded more education after school days. So, over the years, surrounded by mirrors, I cut, coloured and permed my own, plus my family and friend's hair and got to travel on a motorbike and aeroplane.

There is a saying. 'How do you make God laugh?' 'Tell him your plans.'

Take Care.

Rosalie xx