Friday, 18 October 2013

In which nothing goes to plan.

Hello folks! 
It has been a funny old week. 
Last Sunday we headed off to Petrolheads Cafe on the coast road at Bagillt to meet up with Gold Wing biker friends. There was only one Gold Wing in the car park as others came by car. There was torrential rain in some parts of the country but we heard that in was beautiful in Abergele further along the coast. Is that why so many retire there?
Time flew by but we were fuelled by bacon butties (on toast) and copious amounts of tea. We resisted the Sunday roast.

Last week we ploughed on with final edits for Talking the Talk: Getting the Message Across which will be out on January 1st 2014.

The usual health and welfare appointments reared their heads and some plans had to be jiggled about accordingly.

This week we have all, or at least most of us, been riveted to a double diet of suspense with all the goings on in Coronation Street and Emmerdale. I think there is a battle on to see which one will win the awards for best of this and best of that. There are and have been some electrifying acting and amazing effects and no doubt more to come. Surely they didn't order all that rain for Emmerdale. They must have used a hose pipe or something. Since filming is a few weeks before screening it was a co-incidence that we actually did have torrential rain when it was screened. Now who could have ordered that?

We took a short ride to the Moreton  Garden Centre at Chirk the other day. Well the day was broken up anyway as I had swept all the leaves up in the morning, cleaned the bins and had an appointment in town in the afternoon, so we hopped off to Chirk across two valleys - the Dee and Ceiriog - in the lovely sunshine of a beautiful autumn morning.

We had some new marketing material delivered this week. Actually we had a replacement for the previous order where the firm hadn't printed the colour reverse. And what do you know? The replacement order was the same - blank back.  A phone call soon sorted it again but I had to take a photo of the offending item for the quality team. the firm shall be nameless but it is based abroad. Delivery was standard but only took two days via a courier. It took five days plus a weekend for a parcel to be delivered from the UK depot of a large store via a courier to my local store.  Now that makes you think.

I caught up with CostaWomen connections in Spain where I was told it was 'sun,sun,and more sun' and even 'wall to wall sun'. And all we had was rain,rain, and more rain.

I have spent some time this afternoon updating this blog and changing the template. I hope that you approve.
There has been a furore this week over a large UK bookseller having available on line, e-books which were 'explicit' and had slipped through the approval net. These came via a direct feed from the e-reader's downloading site. The said book store closed down its complete site while it did a purge with many innocents including us getting caught up in it all. The said book store has restored its website but not all the books as yet (including our paperbacks!). No doubt it will all sort out eventually. We are still available worldwide in both print and e-books in multiple formats  but not for the moment at ******* or ****.

Oh and before I forget, you can pre-order Talking the Talk - paperback - at Amazon Book Depository   Waterstones  to name a few. 

Last but not least. The e-books for Just Us Two and Chasing Rainbows have new jackets but where Amazon and Barnes and Noble merge them on the web page, they are showing the paperback cover.
Here they are.

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