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Time to take a break, reflect, and look forward.

I have been a little quiet of late. Well! quiet for me! After our trip toe Galicia and northern Portugal it was time to turn my attention to things nearer home and reflect.
We are still very moved emotionally when we watch the video of Santiago de Compostela and our thoughts and prayers go to all those killed or injured in the recent train crash just outside this beautiful city. Also those from one area in Italy who were killed in that horrific coach accident. A whole section of a community wiped out.

Many of us are so busy that we don't always take time to pause and reflect and look where we are going. As you re-charge your batteries over the summer you may think about how your job fits in to your life. 

Are you getting to where you want to be? Are you nearer to achieving your goals? These can be very small ones or more long-term. It is important thought to have a focus. If only to make you get out of bed in the morning! Life is for living.
Young people finishing full-time education …