Thursday, 23 May 2013

A little chatter after some silence.

They say that silence is golden. I agree with that but we all need to have a little conversation from time to time.

This month has flown past and I am horrified to see how long it is since I last posted some thoughts on this and that.

Marketing ORANGES: A Journey has been a journey in itself. Books4Spain are now listing it, paperback only for now but the e-book will be listed there once the Amazon promotion ends. The promotion period will go out with another FREE download day on June 3rd. 
We thought that we would try the KDP Select programme for the initial 90 days as you get five free promotion days. In truth, after the first month I was getting very frustrated at not being able to have the other e-book formats anywhere at all.
So watch out for June 6th when the PDF and ePub will roll out. 

ORANGES has had some favourable reviews in the Amazon UK store and informal feedback and is currently No 34 in France in its Spain and Portugal category where this contemporary fiction novel is set.

Having got all that sorted, The Long Leg of Italy reared its head and came knocking on my door, pleading to be let out of the corner where it had been stored for a while.

The north and south of Italy are quite recent adventures, being escorted tours, but Rome, Florence, Venice, and Sorrento which cover the middle of the 'leg' are our earlier adventures where we embarked on three and four centre trips for special anniversaries. The first one was after only going abroad twice and we were completely on our own between cities as transfers were not included.

Playing the video back which we were able to film on the second trip has been a very emotional time. Why? Well, realising just what we did, out there in the unknown when we weren't seasoned travellers. It was a wonderful experience. When OH said he wasn't having a party but a little trip instead, he did not quite know how I would interpret that.

Looking at the photo album now I am up to the point where we were going up to the top of the dome of St.Peter's Basilica. A plaque at the start reassures you that there is a lift up to the terrace (on the roof) but warns that there are 330 steps in the stairway. Actually you know, you don't go around the dome but in a zig-zag inside the double skin up one side. And come down the other side. After a time you have to huff and puff up the spiral stairway and hope that your heart holds out! And you do really have to experience Rome to appreciate just how BIG it is with the ancient, old, and new all merged together. 

We were ready for a rest in Sorrento after that. 

Until next time. Be good. Happy reading.

Rosalie xx
PS. Have you been to Italy? What did you like / not like about it? Feel free to post a comment.