Thursday, 11 April 2013

The 'ORANGES' harvest is complete..

Update April 26th 2013

ORANGES: A Journey has been released in print ahead of schedule. We received our
 author stocks today. It is always a 'catch your breath' moment when we open the box and see those lovely glossy covers inside.
The story - a fiction - is built on a dream and initially was classified as 'fantasy'. After finding that this was included on one national book store site as 'Science Fiction / Horror' it has now had that category removed and the more appropriate one of 'Travel' substituted. This links with the other more defined ones of Spain and Portugal.
Following the Kindle promotion we have had some lovely reviews which brought a little tear. Thank you all who have read and, I hope, enjoyed.
Other e-book formats will be available in June so my Kobo and Apple followers across the globe - look out for it.

Rosalie xx

Great excitement and emotion today as I opened a parcel. It was the proof copy of ORANGES: A Journey; and what a journey.

  • Lots of hard work and flexibility if fitting the writing around other life pressures.
  • Lots of support from my OH.
  • Lots of support from my family.

I enjoyed writing the story and we enjoyed designing the book block and jacket. Like good wine everything improves with age.

 Already out on Kindle, ORANGES: A Journey in paperback is due for publication on May 6th and is available for pre-order now in most stores. I have recently found that all the Adobe PDF titles are listed for download on a website which brings the independent booksellers together (and that the print formats are also listed). They have picked up on the problem of independent having e-books available for download.
This is marvellous news for independent booksellers and those who want to support them. And there are some nice discounts. 
ORANGES will be out in ePub and Adobe PDF in June due to the special Kindle promotion on at present.
Go to to find an independent store near you.
Go to Rosalie's Bookstore for more links to your favourite bookseller.

Now I am back to writing The Long Leg of Italy. This is the third in the Just Us Two travel series and covers what it says - the long leg of Italy from the lakes in the north, through to those wonderful cities in the heart of Italy  before going south to the foot. In some of it we were really on our own and others, well, the 'just us two' phrase has come to mean, well, us.

Short and sweet today.
Happy reading
Rosalie x