Tuesday, 19 March 2013

ORANGES: A Journey. Re-loaded

We are gifting two (yes, two) more days of FREE downloads on Thursday and Friday this week. 
Why? Honesty being the best policy, I will share this with you.

What a performance! Wiping egg off our faces, we realised to our horror after upload to Kindle that the proofing net had some holes in it and that some of those devious little punctuation marks and grammatical phrases had been hiding. They were probably enjoying the juicy oranges too much to come out and be seen! 
All is not lost and ORANGES: A Journey has had another bout of the red pen syndrome. Well, we can't be the only ones with red faces can we? 

Thank you to all in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Canada who have either downloaded the free copies on Mother's Day last Sunday or purchased at the bargain introductory price of $0.99c, £0.77p. E0.89. To put matters right, please accept a free gift from us and download the revised copy on Thursday 21st  or Friday 22nd this week for FREE.
  • The promotion will be live sometime in the early morning Pacific Central Time which will be around late morning in the UK and so on. Please share. 
  • ORANGES is also available to Kindle Select prime Customers.
  • Yesterday I added some book extras to Amazon which should download to your Kindle as well. Here is a message from me:
"Hello reader. 
Thank you for purchasing ORANGES: A Journey. This contemporary novel with a hint of romance, is my first fiction work.
 Of course, I had to set it in two of my favourite European countries - Spain and Portugal.- using real settings and experiences to tell Charlotte's story which is built on a dream. You might find that a map will help you to follow the exploits of Charlotte and her friend Daisy . . .
I hope that you enjoy ORANGES: A Journey.  It introduces Charlotte to the world and  is the precursor to a longer, more involved saga which is still in the making, having been gestating for many years."
About the book.
A delightful contemporary novel built on a dream as young Charlotte falls asleep and dreams of sunshine lands where oranges ripen in winter. A handsome Portuguese stranger captures her heart. Detailed descriptions of the Estremadura region of Portugal and the interior of Andaluc√≠a. 

If you prefer a paperback to stuff into your pocket or bag and read on a park bench when you are out walking, pop along to Waterstones or order online. BookDepository,  Amazon etc.  to pre-order.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy the journey. And the sunshine!

Rosalie x