Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day Gift. Download ORANGES: A journey for FREE!

ORANGES: A Journey is now live on Amazon Kindle.

For March 10th. One day only. You can download ORANGES: A Journey for free on your Kindle or Kindle App for iPad,iPhone, PC etc.

The Introductory price of £0.77pence(GBP) $0.99c.USD or E0.89c (Euro) will revert to FREE from Midnight (on Saturday) Pacific Standard Time for one day.

For a limited period Prime Customers enrolled in Kindle Select  can download it for FREE.

Have a Happy Mother's Day, put your feet up and see what Charlotte and Daisy get up to.

Rosalie x x
From the book back. (Paperback due out on May 6th.)

In the cold and damp of a British winter, young Charlotte is fascinated by the orange, which she holds in her hands. She wonders about the sunshine lands, which are warm enough to ripen oranges.
A delightful contemporary novel built on a dream as young Charlotte falls asleep and dreams of those sunshine lands where oranges ripen in winter. 
Her dreams take her into the future; with her friend Daisy, she finds herself in Portugal where a handsome Portuguese stranger captures her heart.
After the escapades in the hills near Obidos with Daisy, Charlotte’s dreams take her into AndalucĂ­a, to the winter sun of southern Spain.
Detailed descriptions of the Estremadura region of Portugal and the interior of AndalucĂ­a which bring to life the sights and sounds of the Iberian Peninsula as Charlotte and Daisy live life to the full.
Does Charlotte find oranges? 
Who is the handsome Portuguese Senhor? 
Are they really dreams?
Or reality?