Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hello from North Wales!

Hi there!

It is a while since my last posting and apologies for that. No excuse really but I have been nose to the grindstone pulling my latest offering into shape. ORANGES: A Journey is almost 'cooked' and ready to roll. More on that in a few days.

As well as travel biographies, I write books on personal development and the importance of lifelong learning. Well, I practice what I preach ( I hope) and have taken part in two Webinars over the last few weeks. Organised and presented by the very charming,clever and inspirational  Judith Sharman of  Well-Tree-Learning - Business,Coaching and Consultancy they centre around her Solutions Orientated Highway for business. They reminded me of important points and in some ways related strongly to personal professional development with a focus on your business. Check out Judith's website. Worth a visit!

New book releases mean a fresh batch of marketing materials. So I changed my hat for that and we finalised the book jacket which could then be cascaded into everything else.

Following links from people I follow produced some interesting information. Not least the latest from Joel Friedlander who posts much information on the business of book design and publishing etc. Valuable. 
This week I have been introduced to a new group of ladies in the Costa Women social community and business networking group for women who are living in Spain  I was attracted to the group as I read the word 'Malaga' and my antennae started twitching. ORANGES - a fiction short story built on on a dream - is based in Portugal and Andalucia, southern Spain which is one of my favourite places to visit. I am looking forward to learning even  more on Andalucia.

OH and I have had a busy few weeks with Gold Wing Club meetings and have been up and down the country. Added to this have been family birthdays. March should be quieter and I hope to move on with the Long Leg of Italy and hopefully, Talking the Talk: Getting the Message Across but that might be wishful thinking!
That's all for now.
Have a good week.
Rosalie x