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Hello from North Wales!

Hi there!
It is a while since my last posting and apologies for that. No excuse really but I have been nose to the grindstone pulling my latest offering into shape. ORANGES: A Journey is almost 'cooked' and ready to roll. More on that in a few days.

As well as travel biographies, I write books on personal development and the importance of lifelong learning. Well, I practice what I preach ( I hope) and have taken part in two Webinars over the last few weeks. Organised and presented by the very charming,clever and inspirational  Judith Sharman of  Well-Tree-Learning - Business,Coaching and Consultancy they centre around her Solutions Orientated Highway for business. They reminded me of important points and in some ways related strongly to personal professional development with a focus on your business. Check out Judith's website. Worth a visit!

New book releases mean a fresh batch of marketing materials. So I changed my hat for that and we finalised the book jacket which could …

Yet Another Employability Skill - Recording Your Progress and Development

Over the last three weeks, we have looked at a topic which is becoming more and more important. The place of lifelong learning in development and how it contributes to the development of your potential and you as a whole (Lifelong Learning:A View From the Coal Face). Part of this development is in making sure that you have the skills to become and stay employed (Skills For Employability Part One: Pre-Employment and Skills For Employability Part Two: Moving into Employment).

If you are just leaving school or college, your Careers advisor will have talked to you and given you lots of help and advice. The two Employability Skills books include some of this but go beyond and focus on what you will find in employment and,to some degree, what is expected of you. If you haven't read the last two blog posts here are the links Looking for a job? Are you employable?  and You got that job? Your springboard for the future.

A crucial part of remaining in employment and moving upwards or sideways…

You Got That Job? Your Springboard For the Future as You Move into Employment

Last week in Skills For Employability Part One: Pre-Employment, we looked at some of the skills you need in order to impress an employer so much that you will get the job that you have been chasing. Remember, you are a small fish in a large pool. The employability pool.
This week we will look at some of the skills you need once you move into employment.

Skills for Employability Part Two: Moving into Employment looks at the standards of behaviour and requirements of employers which include:  

Employment Rights and Responsibilities (ERR): your rights and responsibilities as an employee, your employer's rights and responsibilities, an introduction to health and safety in the workplace, security, confidentiality, a self assessment checklist, ‘What do I need to do better / learn?’.Check your knowledge tasks & signposting to other learning programmes.
Important Aspects of Managing your Money: understanding your pay slip, tax and insurance, budgeting your money, income, and outgoings, ch…