Monday, 14 January 2013

Nonsense Chatter.

We are well into January and settled into 2013. Have your kept your resolutions so far?
The danger is that we will make too many when it is easier to make a few and stick to them.
I thought I would have a cup of green tea every day. I started off well but things got in the way and I lapsed. The best sort is one flavoured with a fruit such as cranberries, to take away the bitter taste. Back to the grindstone (green tea) tomorrow!
After four weeks in Spain followed by two weeks of 'special meals' over Christmas the pounds are hard to shift when it is so cold.
Oranges ripening in the Spanish winter sun.- in town.

I have spent the last week or so catching up on this and that, marketing and checking the all important rankings etc, which, I might say, are pleasing with good rankings in both print and digital. Thank you readers for your support.
I have scheduled in writing slots to finish 'Oranges'. No not a gardening book but a fiction/fantasy short story with a big dollop of the inevitable travel adventures. Charlotte and Daisy have boundless energy I am having a job keeping up with them!
So, with determination and a Do Not Disturb sign on the door, I will endeavour to meet targets and finish by the end of the month. Watch out for it on Kindle first whilst being re-formatted for other formats.
As well as Amazon, Apple and Kobo are going well through distributor Smashwords but you can download multiple formats direct from the Smashwords site.

After a busy weekend, I have caught up, well almost, with recorded programmes on TV. What do you think of Mr Selfridge? Different!