Monday, 28 January 2013

Looking for a job? Are you employable? Some skills you need to get into and stay in employment.

Last weeks blog post looked at why we should continue learning throughout life. Learning doesn't end when you leave school or college. Those are your foundations and just the beginning. 
This week we will look at some of the skills you need to impress an employer so much that you will get the job that you have been chasing. Remember, you one of a thousand applicants. Make sure that you are one in a thousand.

Skills for Employability Part One: Pre Employment targets a diverse audience . This includes those at pre-employment stage such as:
  • School leavers up to graduates 
  • 16-18 year old unemployed who have not obtained sufficient grades to follow their preferred path
  • Returners to work; those with disabilities who are seeking a change of employment
  • Those in employment and seeking to enhance their prospects or are between jobs.

When I wrote this book in early 2012 there were over 1 million people in the UK who are ‘Not in Employment, Education, or Training’ (NEETS).
Many do not have the life skills and/or a basic understanding of what is required to become and stay employed and enhance their future. Skills for Employability Part One: Pre Employment will provide essential information to fill the gaps identified through research and enhance the prospects of a successful interview.

You may be on the verge of leaving school and looking for employment. Or you may have completed a course of study following leaving school or not worked at all. On the other hand, you may be in employment and are looking to better yourself and achieve those goals that you have only previously dreamed of achieving. The aim of this book is to fill any gaps in skills or knowledge and understanding you may have which prevent you from gaining employment or progressing in your current or future employment. It will prepare you for the world of work beyond your present horizons and set you on the road to achieve your full potential.'

You do want that job don't you? It might not be your dream job but while you keep hold of your dreams, you need to get your foot in the door. Get onto the first rung of the ladder. And if you have managed to get onto the first rung, you will want to climb up slowly and surely to something better.

Is this you? Read on.

Preparing for Work covers: identifying what employers are looking for, looking at job vacancies, identifying personal skills and qualities, a self assessment check-list,what do I need to do better/learn? Check your knowledge tasks & signposting to other learning programmes.

Job Applications covers: writing a CV and covering letter, how to structure a CV., Pen Picture & strengths/weaknesses, going for an interview. Check your knowledge tasks & signposting to other learning programmes.

Working Effectively in the Workplace covers: attitude and behaviour, getting to work, effective communication, working effectively. Check your knowledge tasks & signposting to other learning programmes.

ICT Skills in the Workplace covers a self-assessment check-list of ICT skills, e-mail, Internet, health, safety, and security relating to ICT and how to set up a basic spreadsheet.( There are screen shots at each stage to explain what you are reading and so that you can practice.) Check your knowledge tasks & signposting to other learning programmes.
There is also a section for useful links and resources. Web links are live in the e-Books.

Progression. Where do I go from here? points you to the next stage of your journey.

Each chapter will detail the learning outcome (tell you what you will be learning). There will be a series of tasks for you to complete along the way as well as some links to the Internet where you can explore the topics in more detail. This is to give you some variety in your learning journey and to check your progress. In turn, you will have a sense of achievement and will be able to see how far you have travelled.'

Do you want to know more about this user-friendly workbook style of learning? It comes in paperback or an eBook in ePub, Kindle or *pdf digital formats and more; available worldwide for PC Mac and multiple devices.(Download Adobe Digital Editions free) 

So get ahead and get that job!
Parts of the above article are extracts from Skills for Employability Part One: Pre:Employment.

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ePub for most readers.