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In defence and celebration of e-books

I may be a little controversial here but I do feel strongly about this topic. The debate on e-books continues and falls mainly into two camps.

Readers (human) who swear by the printed book and who shudder at the thought of not holding a 'proper' book in their hands.Readers (human) who use a reader (electronic) to read the printed word digitally.
I want to look at some of the pros and cons of each.
Paper books.
Now, don't get me wrong, I like a book in my hand as much as anyone; the suspense as you hurry through the pages, turn the page, and stay gripped while you chew on a sweet, take a slurp - sorry, sip - of wine, bite your nails etc., is not to be underestimated. The joy of running your finger along the spines of a row of books on the bookshelf, pausing to select one, pull it out, and browse, cannot be described fully.

But wait! You want to read your current book on the train or plane. The book you are in the middle of is quite bulky, you struggle to fit in in your bag or…

An amazing week.

It was all systems go this week and some flexibility of schedule. OH rang on Wednesday from town. Writing went on the back burner for the day while we chilled out for lunch. (We had a voucher which just had to be used up! Know what I mean?)  
We then meandered down the A41 to Grindley Brook, Whitchurch to watch the boats going through the staircase locks. Such a tranquil way to spend a few days. Of course we had some Cheshire Farm ice cream while we watched the locks open and close and the boats gliding through the murky water. 

Memories! Memories of our canal boat holiday when the children were small and we glided slowly through the Llangollen Canal, over the famous Pontycysyllte Aquaduct over the DeeValley to the Shropshire Union Canal and through these very locks. They are called staircase locks as there are a few in succession going up or down-depending which way you are going- like a staircase.

Thursday brought the book event at the new Writer's Cafe in a sunny but quiet Penmaen…

Music, book events and more.

Good Morning to you all!
Even though there are grey skies here in the UK we always look for that little bit of sunshine amid the clouds. This week, there is lots happening as I am having a book event at the new Writer's Cafe in the Becws Alun Artisan Bakery shop in Penmaenmawr. I do hope that you can pop in and have your copy of any of my titles signed. Alan and Wendy have them on sale there all the time now. The cafe is in a quiet area at the back of the shop overlooking the sea. A wonderful setting in which to relax in the changing scenery.  Follow the link above for more information and video book trailer.

Then I am taking part in a business discussion on Youth Employability. This is a subject close to my heart and the basis of my Skills for Employability and self development books. It is a problem which seems to grow in spite of the many who are employable and do find jobs and a worthwhile future. Last week ended with a very busy Sunday. After our Gold Wing meeting at Petrolhead…

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Rosalie x