Sunday, 14 October 2012

Post-canal holiday and a pot-pourri of activities.

After a busy start to the Sunday followed by meeting Gold Wing friends for a chat over a bacon toastie at Petrolheads Cafe , I have settled down to catch up on some social networking and marketing. Yes the Sunday paper is waiting. From my study I can hear the excited  voice, rising ever higher, of the F1 commentator. OH is glued to the 'moving screen' that is the TV so I will leave him in peace for a bit longer.
t only seems like yesterday when we were cruising down a tranquil Vale of Pewsey on a narrow boat. I have edited the video, swapped photos with the younger family members who took the burden of working the locks and organising us - actually it is time to let the next generation take over - and finally hoping to get down to editing the Italy video from June.
This last week, I have submitted a series of articles, two of which are based on the thorny issue of  employability. I will let you have the links when they are up. What has gone up this weekend is a third article about e-books. I read a post which sparked me off. This post indicated that print books would die in the face of the expanding e-book sector. I don't agree. I firmly believe that they can live side by side and meet different needs. The article is based on a post I put up on this blog some time ago.
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Judith Sharman MD at Well Tree Learning liked it so much that she put it up. Thank you Judith.Judith - a respected former headteacher and Education Consultant - devotes her time to consultancy and coaching to help businesses and families to succeed. 
Enjoy the rest of your day. Off now to read the Sunday paper - if I can blank out the noise of the excited commentator!
Rosalie x