Monday, 10 September 2012

An evening cruising down the River Dee with the Chester

It was 'all aboard' on Friday - a beautiful evening and just the weather for a cruise down the River Dee in Chester on the Lady Diana Showboat.
The evening was organised by the Federation of Small Business (FSB) North Wales and Chester Region as a social/networking event, with the emphasis on 'social'.And it did not disappoint.
The Lady Diana was moored up at a landing stage opposite the Souters Lane roundaboutChris Caroe -Toastmaster was M.C. for the evening and lent a special air to the event in his smart uniform. Guests were greeted by a gaily decorated boat. Bunting sponsored by Bunting Queen. Joanna & Ralph of KinchPrint, and the  committee, safely welcomed everyone on board before we sailed away from the calm shores of the River Dee into the sunset. All in the safe hands of the unflappable captain and crew.

The Saga Louts ('Classical Entertainment for the less discerning ear') gave us non-stop easy-listening music;catering was excellent; the bunting added a festive air, the conversations were interesting and, from my point of view, fascinating.I had been encouraged to take one of the trade tables and found myself in a lovely 'quiet' spot next to the band where I was able to enjoy an evening of easy-listening music while gazing out at the smooth waters of the River Dee; admiring the houses on the riverside. I used to live further down the valley, near Llangollen and not far from the River Dee as it coursed from Llangollen through what is now Ty Mawr Country Park. The river at Chester is so calm and peaceful and what a lovely idea to have an evening cruise.

It was so nice to meet Serge Sergiou of Border Music again. (He writes songs and composes music.) He introduced me to Caroline and Wally of Premier School of Building. It was so nice to talk to  like-minded people about work-based and distance learning, especially someone who understood and had experience of its value.

 Rosalie xx

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