Friday, 22 June 2012

Lakes, Mountains, Rivers and Valleys.

Looking at the title of this post you may ask if I am talking about the  beautiful North Wales where I live. I have said before many times that you have to go a long way to beat the diverse and ever-changing beauty of North Wales which does have it all: mountains,valleys, rivers, and lakes.
Our escorted tour  to the lakes and mountains of Northern Italy last week was certainly a match and far exceeded any expectations which we had harboured.
Villa on Lake Como.
All in all we counted ten lakes: Orta, Como, Maggiore, Iseo, Garda, Nambia, Sanzeno, Molveno, Lugano, and Toblino. Some of these you will have heard of such as Lago di Como where our drive around the lakeside was unexpectedly changed (if we wanted to) to a boat ride around the lakeside. Oh! The Villas! So old and full of charm. An exhilarating ride, even if I did get a bit wet with the spray washing over the back of the boat where I was sitting outside.What is a bit of wet?
Stresa on Lake Maggiore brought another boat ride to circle the very small  Borromean Islands in the lake .
Lake Garda
The gorges in the mountains were so deep and dramatic. Lake Garda was enchanting and hot with a visit to three towns. The tunnels cut into the rock now have a few lights. Only a few but better than when we rode around the lake on the Gold Wing motorbike in 2003 when it was pitch black apart from the cut-outs in the rock. And we saw a wedding. A bride and groom along with all the guests hopped on to a boat and zoomed off to the south of the lake. It is one way to get your guests to your wedding reception!

There will be more on this in The Long Leg of Italy currently under development. The story. not the leg!
Rosalie xx