Friday, 18 May 2012

The e-book marathon merry-go-round

On the merry-go-round of May we have been busy in our little corner of the world. Lots of concentration and following guidelines to the letter and -result! Two well-designed books in three different e-book formats-on top of prin.- have come out of the cooking pot.

A misty view across to French Alps
(Mont Blanc in the clouds)
from above Lake Annecy
Kindle is a great easy-to-use e-reader. Someone told me that their learners liked it  because 'it only did one thing.' Although Kindle is only in greyscale, where colour photos appear as black and white, I believe in keeping the photos in colour in the original files even though they are are converted to greyscale in the print version.

Why? Why keep images in colour when you can't see colour on Kindle? Well, if you download a Kindle app to iPad, desktop PC or lap/net book will have the benefit of viewing images in colour.

Adobe *pdf files are viewed best in Adobe Digital Editions. On your PC usually or another reader which has Adobe.And  that it is normally colour. And what a difference! Of course with *pdf all sections and footers are retained so the book looks like the print.

The Just Us Two books have some stunning photographs. The new cover is part of a photo taken on leaving Soldeau in Andorra.One of my favourite views and unforgettable for other reasons than the mountains looking so pretty. It is a different kettle of fish when you find yourself high in the clouds, lost and unable to see! Chasing Rainbows has a fantastic shot of a line of Gold Wings in the shadow of Spanish mountains.

E-Pub is another common format. One which is needed for iPad,Sony,Nook,Kobo.Diesel e-books, Blio for example. Colour again for images.  Converting for this format is another challenge so that the font flows  without leaving lots of gaps.Smashwords has taken the grief out of this with their explicit submission guidelines.

I was chuffed on Thursday to see that Just Us Two had passed all stringent quality checks with flying colours and has been approved  for inclusion in the Premium Catalogue and shipping to the major e-book stores above.

Just waiting now for Skills for Employability to be approved in the next couple of weeks for Smashwords Premium Catalogue and onwards to Apple etc. Like all the other titles, it is already published  in Adobe from e-retailers worldwide, Kindle, and other formats incl.ePub and mobi on Smashwords 

Meanwhile, I am just taking a breather from converting screens shots and tables to*png,*jpeg etc.and making sure that Mr Pilcrow doesn't miss anything!
Have a lovely weekend. Check out the previews at the bottom of the page.
Rosalie xx