Sunday, 25 March 2012

Skills for Life

Skills for Life! I am used to that phrase in the context of  personal development and employability skills.  Today though I had a taster in the skills needed to save someone's life. Truly skills for life!
We went up to Chorley to meet up with Gold Wing friends for the monthly meeting which today, was given over to a first-aid course run by a paramedic - Steve - from the North West Ambulance Service. He was joined by two Community Responders who are sometimes able to be the first on the scene and do something before the ambulance can get through traffic etc.
Steve used a DVD made by the British Heart Foundation to explain about how to respond, CPR, heart attacks, serious bleeding etc. There was lots of laughter as there was a lot of interaction. Especially when some of us couldn't get down on the floor -or get up again once down! It was really serious stuff though and well worth a morning spent 'in class'.
Of course 'Annie' was there for practising on. The really big surprise was learning about and having a demonstration of an AED ( Automatic External Defibrillator) which can be used by almost anyone to try to re-start the heart. It gives instructions once switched on. Really a life saver and they are not really expensive for an organisation to buy.
Thank to the L&L Gold Wing region organisers. Lunch afterwards was good as usual and we had a lovely steady run home in the Spring sunshine.
Rosalie XX