Sunday, 11 March 2012

Another eventful week.

After the excitement and preparations for the Spring Synergy the previous week, last week kicked off in usual frantic fashion (amidst all the calm which surrounds our humble abode).
Monday was WiRE North Wales networking meeting (Women in Rural Enterprise) at the wonderful Gladstone Library in Hawarden. It is important to get out of the confines of home and connect when you are a lone worker.
Tuesday was P.O. Day. That is - Power Off Day as there was planned maintenance shut-down by electricity board.
 'A day out,' announced hubby. So off we went to our favourite Betws-y-Coed in the Snowdonia National Park, nestling in the shadow of mountains on either side with the river running down the middle. Well actually two rivers - I never knew that until Tuesday when I looked at the information board. Usually when we had stopped there with the Gold Wing we had just strolled around the craft shops area and grabbed a cuppa before drooling over bikes and Winging off again. This time we were lucky enough to get a parking spot in the first car park before going to the railway station cafe for a hot drink. This is the cafe which, when you go right through you find yourself on the station platform! 
A quiet stroll down the road brought us to the very old Pont-y-Pair bridge where water tossed and tumbled over the rocks beneath. Lunch at the Best Western Waterloo Hotel was excellent as usual. There is a lot going on there as the restaurant is being enlarged ready for a conservatory on the front to be seen from the road. Looking forward to that. Follow link for more info.
After lunch and a 'crisis' phone call we came back through the Conwy Valley on the old road which brought us into Conwy the back way.
The fresh air had done its job and I fell asleep.

I was off to Coventry on Thursday for a product launch at OCR  - the Awarding Body for qualifications. Marvellous to be back on the road with Classic FM for company and networking with peers. A useful day, and wonderful to hear that Personal Life and Employability Skills are starting to be taught in schools for Years 10 & 11; not only colleges in Adult Education. Hopefully one day, they will become part of the National Curriculum for everyone - just like it used to be - so that everyone is prepared for the world of work and life. It was good to have my belief re-inforced that my new Skills for Employability books are really on the right track as my research had indicated.
Skills for Employability Part One:Pre Employment will be released on May 17th worldwide, on-line and from local booksellers. Available to pre-order now.  E-books will also be available for most readers either on May 1st or as soon after as they can be shipped. Part Two : Moving into Employment will follow later in 2012.
We rounded off the week by going to see our grandson play 2nd Violin in the Wrexham Symphony Orchestra at William Aston Hall, Glyndwr University. They played Dvorak and and a very challenging Bruckner Symphony No 5. I seem to have spent a large part of my life in the William Aston Hall as our daughter (his Mum) played clarinet in the Wrexham Junior, Senior and Clwyd County Band many years ago. The experience has certainly widened my appreciation of music. I am so impressed and it is wonderful to see money/funding being put into music in Wrexham now on a larger scale than hitherto.

Just back from a Gold Wing meeting at Petrolheads Roadside Cafe in Flint. Petrolheads was buzzing  when we dropped in. Made some new friends from Pennine region (Manchester)  who had 'come out to play' on their Gold Wings. One brought his daughter to make sure they played nicely!We had a lovely chat about their proposed first European trip this summer. Do you have room in the trunk? 
Then on to the Cocoa Rooms to see Jo Edwards, Aballu Artisan Chocolatier celebrate their first birthday. Jo makes chocolates like no other and I stocked up Easter goodies for grandchildren.
I did do some work in between all this!Really!
We had to forgo Sunday lunch at Golden Lion Rossett but will pop along later to make up. 
**Good news that Smashwords have signed up with Baker & Taylor for distribution to libraries for e-books and the Blio e-reading app. This may apply to readers in the US more than the UK. I don't know, but anything which widens readership is welcome - whatever format - and my followers and readers outside the UK may find this of interest.
Rosalie x