Friday, 13 January 2012

Now the Lifelong Learning Personal Effective Guides go electronic

2011 really was a busy year where I wrote about another subject close to my heart. Personal development. My website, Discover-Rosalie states: "My abiding ethos is that all should be able to develop and achieve their potential as a 'whole' person. This is the focus of a new series of Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness Guides  published in 2011."
On September 1st, the first two in the series were published in print at £6.99GBP or $9.00USD and available on-line worldwide or from your local bookseller:
Lifelong Learning:A View From the Coal Face
Release Your Potential: Making Sense of Personal and Professional Development.
The print format (perfect bound soft cover) was followed swiftly on November 1st with electronic formats. To give my readers a wide choice, both books are available for download on: 
Amazon Kindle or Kindle Apps for most readers, Android and PC.(US .com, UK,, France .fr, Germany .de, Amazon stores) and Smashwords
Adobe Digital Digital Editions for readers and PC from e-retailers worldwide such as Diesel ebooks
ePub from Apple iTunes,  Barnes and Noble NookDiesel e-books, Sony e-book store,  Kobo and not forgetting that in the UK, Kobo have teamed up with WHSmith for downloading their e-books.
So with plenty of choice for your favourite reading method, curl up and shut out the cold why you read how you can take ownership of your learning and development to achieve your goals.
Release Your Potential in particular is reaching readers in both print and electronic format across the globe. At £2.99 GBP(incl VAT) or$3.99USD they certainly won't break the bank!

Rosalie xx