Monday, 23 January 2012

The joys of a good book.

There is nothing better than curling up with a good  book in a quiet room and relaxing. You may think that,as I embrace wholeheartedly the advent of electronic books, I think that good old print books are on the wane.
Not so! For many, an e-reader provides some flexibility and more opportunities for reading.
Why do I say this? At a book event a while ago, someone who had bought the first Just Us Two book was pleased to hear that our titles are available on Kindle with other formats coming out. It was easy to take to work and read in the lunch-time period.
This is a good example. Storage is easy and takes up little space.
One other important aspect of a reader is its flexibility. Print can be enlarged to suit:
1) without the embarrassment of asking for a large print book -if the book is even published in large print.
2)avoiding books with off-putting very small print.
The background can be changed so that if a white page for instance does not suit your eyes, it can be changed to sepia. It works the other way too. If you don't like a cream paper, an e-reader has a default white background.
They are great on holiday. Even if you like to get sun cream all over your favourite holiday reading, you can't deny that it is inconvenient having to put your cool drink down while you change a page and struggle to hold the book open.
And there is no glare. Unlike a computer screen - yes you can have e-books on your PC - sunshine does not affect an e-reader.
We all know how strict the airlines are about luggage allowance, even hand luggage. An e-reader will fit into a jacket pocket or bag.
I read a lot of articles from newspapers and blogs on-line,mainly on my compact Net book. It is so handy to sit in a comfy chair and follow Twitter and Face book links.Glare in the sunshine outside though is a drawback, as I said earlier.
So on the grounds of choice and flexibility, yes I am sold on electronic formats. I do like to curl up with a print book though and physically turn the pages. But then I have a land line and mobile phone.I just use them in different circumstances.
One other thing. If people who have previously had a 'barrier' about reading,find that using a Kindle, iPad or Kobo for instance is actually enjoyable, then they are going to read more and start to explore that huge vat of information out there and perhaps progress to the print versions eventually. And that can only be a good thing. After all most of us are already reading electronically though Internet browsing. E-readers are another step up.

So #print #kindle #Kobo #nook #iPad/iPhone #Sony #Diesel #PC,  there is room for them all. Just tap in 'Rosalie Marsh' in the search box and don't forget that WHSmith have a direct link to the Kobo store and its apps for other devices!

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Rosalie xx

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