Saturday, 29 October 2011

An eventful week - European Lunch Show and Waterstones

A busy day on Thursday as I negotiated (with the help of  the 'hidden controller' for once) through Crewe to the RedShiftRadio Studio for a guest slot on Chrisoula Sirigou's European Lunch Show  As I write I am listening to the show as it has been uploaded to listen again for a while. Follow the link and click on 11.10.27 ( 27th October 2011). I then clicked on one of the tabs at the bottom ( ignore the blurb at the beginning).
We were joined later by another guest who had lived his dream some years ago by moving to Andalusia. Chrisoula is just reading  the extract which formed my dream to visit Andalusia.

After hurtling around Wrexham later I was ready for another visit to Waterstone's in Wrexham for a book signing. This time on a Friday, a departure from my usual Saturday event day. Well, readers and browsers and I had some lovely chats and discussions about travel and life in general. With our banner I was able to trace some of our journeys. (As I listen to a playback of the show, I am reading the extract where were were riding across the hot, barren,  sierras when petrol was low with nothing in sight!!).
Actually in those days we didn't have need of the 'hidden controller' as I called it in 'Chasing Rainbows', we used proper maps!

Well, time to go, but do tune in and listen to the show.

Rosalie xx