Saturday, 15 October 2011

Benefits of Social Networking in Marketing.

I have written before about what I see as the benefits of social networking in a marketing situation.This last two weeks, time has been short as I catch upon a backlog of  'jobs to do'. Not least preparing for a series of book events in North Wales. North Wales, you may know, spreads over a large rural area of about 90 miles across. Not a lot for those of you who live in large countries but it is all relative. So with book events at both ends and living in a rural area,time is of the essence.

I am an avid user of Facebook which largely reaches a different audience to other social  networking sites. I find the 'event' page invaluable. On Twitter, I tweet away and have been pleasantly surprised that Waterstone's - our largest book store chain in the UK  - have encouraged stores to set up Twitter accounts. I make sure that I put the sign @ in front of my local store among others. I have been even more chuffed to find that the main one  re-tweets  postings about my events in their stores, to all their many thousands of followers. This friends is powerful! 
Many stores also have Facebook accounts - again another source of building an author platform. I also use Linked-In but again this has another focus.

In my tweeting and twittering this week I have, as usual, followed many links to useful articles and taken the messages on board. Sometimes I am on the right path - well in general I am - but often I see that I can improve. It is hard to keep pace with all the demands of marketing. Often it leaves little time to write!

Social Networking is a valuable tool if used sensibly. It also  keeps me in the frame on topics of the day and touching base with friends and like-minded people.

Staff at my local Waterstone's store in Wrexham are being very pro-active in promotion with a display of Just Us Two books pre-event of October 28th11-2. Much appreciated and thank-you. They should also have the new Lifelong Learning books in stock before then.

for more information on the titles.