Saturday, 29 October 2011

An eventful week - European Lunch Show and Waterstones

A busy day on Thursday as I negotiated (with the help of  the 'hidden controller' for once) through Crewe to the RedShiftRadio Studio for a guest slot on Chrisoula Sirigou's European Lunch Show  As I write I am listening to the show as it has been uploaded to listen again for a while. Follow the link and click on 11.10.27 ( 27th October 2011). I then clicked on one of the tabs at the bottom ( ignore the blurb at the beginning).
We were joined later by another guest who had lived his dream some years ago by moving to Andalusia. Chrisoula is just reading  the extract which formed my dream to visit Andalusia.

After hurtling around Wrexham later I was ready for another visit to Waterstone's in Wrexham for a book signing. This time on a Friday, a departure from my usual Saturday event day. Well, readers and browsers and I had some lovely chats and discussions about travel and life in general. With our banner I was able to trace some of our journeys. (As I listen to a playback of the show, I am reading the extract where were were riding across the hot, barren,  sierras when petrol was low with nothing in sight!!).
Actually in those days we didn't have need of the 'hidden controller' as I called it in 'Chasing Rainbows', we used proper maps!

Well, time to go, but do tune in and listen to the show.

Rosalie xx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Chasing Rainbows and Release Your Potential @Amazon

Passing the time while watching a mediocre film, I took a look at Amazon.
Release Your Potential:Making Sense of Personal and Professional Development is
 #73 in Kindle Store > Books > Nonfiction > Education > Adult & Continuing Education  
in UK store 
Chasing Rainbows:with Just UsTwo ( the sequel to Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery)
 #22 in Books > Travel > Europe >Andorra US store 
Being keen on digital technology all titles are available on Kindle &Kindle Apps as well as print. Other formats are in the pipelinefor the Christal Publishing titles (Chasing Rainbows and the new Lifelong Learning Guides.
Just Us Two:Nedand Rosie's GoldWing Discovery is available in formats for most readers already.
Go to AuthorHouseBookstore  If you can,I would love some feedback on and/or a review on Amazon.

Time to turn in now.

Rosalie xx

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Benefits of Social Networking in Marketing.

I have written before about what I see as the benefits of social networking in a marketing situation.This last two weeks, time has been short as I catch upon a backlog of  'jobs to do'. Not least preparing for a series of book events in North Wales. North Wales, you may know, spreads over a large rural area of about 90 miles across. Not a lot for those of you who live in large countries but it is all relative. So with book events at both ends and living in a rural area,time is of the essence.

I am an avid user of Facebook which largely reaches a different audience to other social  networking sites. I find the 'event' page invaluable. On Twitter, I tweet away and have been pleasantly surprised that Waterstone's - our largest book store chain in the UK  - have encouraged stores to set up Twitter accounts. I make sure that I put the sign @ in front of my local store among others. I have been even more chuffed to find that the main one  re-tweets  postings about my events in their stores, to all their many thousands of followers. This friends is powerful! 
Many stores also have Facebook accounts - again another source of building an author platform. I also use Linked-In but again this has another focus.

In my tweeting and twittering this week I have, as usual, followed many links to useful articles and taken the messages on board. Sometimes I am on the right path - well in general I am - but often I see that I can improve. It is hard to keep pace with all the demands of marketing. Often it leaves little time to write!

Social Networking is a valuable tool if used sensibly. It also  keeps me in the frame on topics of the day and touching base with friends and like-minded people.

Staff at my local Waterstone's store in Wrexham are being very pro-active in promotion with a display of Just Us Two books pre-event of October 28th11-2. Much appreciated and thank-you. They should also have the new Lifelong Learning books in stock before then.

for more information on the titles. 

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Deganwy Authors Day and Book Fest.

I had a wonderful day yesterday at the Authors Day and Book Fair in Deganwy,North Wales. Held in the conference suite upsairs we had an unsurpassed view through the huge picture windows of the Conwy Suspension Bridge and the ancient but sturdy Conwy Castle on the shores of the estuary. The weather made the estuary a bit choppy but North Wales is beautiful at any time of the year and in all moods of the weather.

With a selection of publishers and authors from across the UK, there was something for everyone. Allen & I met some interesting people. Having a background in direct  & retail sales and business development, I haven't lost my love of exhibitions and fairs.Those who know me, know  I like to talk (this blog isn't called Rosalie's Chatter for nothing) and there were  plenty of topics and experiences to talk about.

Thank you to all  in Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Russia, India and beyond who read my 'chatter'. Hope you enjoy a peek into our lives here in Wales. Wales is that part of the UK, between the North West and South West, which juts out into the Irish Sea. It has its own language and culture and, increasingly,its own policies through the Welsh Assembly Government (or WAG). I though, am a Lancashire Lass who re-located here over 40 years ago. I can still see in my mind's eye a fairytale scene in the beauty of  a snow covered Llangollen by the river just after the roads had opened. This was on our first visit with our small baby girl before we settled for good.
If you have never visited, well the mountains and valleys of Snowdonia are a must for your  'to do' list.

Rosalie xx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Back to normality - life after Italy and Sicily.

We have been home for a week now and I am still in Puglia, Basillicata, Calabria and Sicily in my head. Altomonte, a wonderful mountain village perched high in the lush green hills of Calabria is an absolute jewel. A medieval village, it still retains the colour and characterof days gone by.
Our driver, Renzo, completed amazing breath-holding feats of skill and patience as he negotiated around the seemingly impossible bends and junctions - missing overhanging roofs - of the narrow streets of the village. Our host Signore Barbieri treated us to an unprecedented peek into village life on a walking tour. We met some 'very important persons'!

Leaving Altomonte for Sicily, I could not stop filming through the coach windows.You just wanted to put it all into a bottle to keep! Altomonte was a complete contrast to Ostuni, Alberobella and Martina Franca in Puglia but they were all magnificent. People still live in the Trulli  houses of Alberobella - amazing and enchanting.

The change of hotel in Sicily found us with  a balcony hanging over the sea. As the cable car up to Taormina was only a couple of minutes away, we  decided to explore Taormina morethan on our first visit in 2005 and just chill out on the balcony after buying a made-to-order Panini and other supplies in the Mini-Market. Bliss!

Too much to tell here -just a flavour but I now have all I need (I think) to shape up 'The Long Leg of Italy and 'Island Interludes'. Still lots to do with the camcorder film which I took. The whole tour was madespecial by the intimate knowledge of Italy and the language of Sally our Saga Tour Manager (plus her patience,flexibility and unflappability). If you are reading this - thank you Sally.

Rosalie xx