Monday, 19 September 2011

The southern end of 'The Long Leg of Italy'

Well, what an eventful and mindblowing few days. From the south east of Puglia in southern Italy.
Excuse any mistakes but the screen on the hotel PC has an annoying little sreen in the middle for volume and they can't get rid of it and it hides some of the typing.
Alberobella, Ostuni, Martina Franca in Puglia - all baked in the high 35 plus heat. As did the beautiful brides we saw in every village/town. Truuli houses are truly amazing. It is amazing to hear just how old is the civilisation here.
The journey into the mountains of the Appenines in Calabria was another experience. Especially in a thunderstorm - Allen said we would have been OK on the Gold Wing as there would be enough weight to keep us on the ground - or off it really. But, winding up to Altomonte in the safe hands of our excellent driver Renzo, we came to pur hotel. And what a gem!

Enough for now! Lots to write for southern end of The Long Leg of Italy. . . And lots to chat about to my Italian hairdresser maestro Nat when I return. . .

Rosalie xx