Monday, 19 September 2011

The southern end of 'The Long Leg of Italy'

Well, what an eventful and mindblowing few days. From the south east of Puglia in southern Italy.
Excuse any mistakes but the screen on the hotel PC has an annoying little sreen in the middle for volume and they can't get rid of it and it hides some of the typing.
Alberobella, Ostuni, Martina Franca in Puglia - all baked in the high 35 plus heat. As did the beautiful brides we saw in every village/town. Truuli houses are truly amazing. It is amazing to hear just how old is the civilisation here.
The journey into the mountains of the Appenines in Calabria was another experience. Especially in a thunderstorm - Allen said we would have been OK on the Gold Wing as there would be enough weight to keep us on the ground - or off it really. But, winding up to Altomonte in the safe hands of our excellent driver Renzo, we came to pur hotel. And what a gem!

Enough for now! Lots to write for southern end of The Long Leg of Italy. . . And lots to chat about to my Italian hairdresser maestro Nat when I return. . .

Rosalie xx

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The journey from oven to table

My new series of Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness Guides finally made it out of the oven onto the table bang on target for September 1st. The print version was fun and games along its enjoyable journey from design, writing, formatting text for print, formatting tables and charts for print, converting files for print. 
The cover design is of a striking simple theme where I can change the background colours and titles for others in the pipeline. Early feedback is positive from different people!
There were of course some problems along the way. There has been a lot going on in my life recently with a few things being pushed onto the back burner for a while and the process from submission to approved copy was a roller-coaster ride. There has been a lot of catch-up going on.
I was determined that the e-book would be launched at the same time. More impact I thought and a good opportunity to hit both marketing slots together. That way, there is equal access for all. I don't for a minute believe that e-books will replace paper. Just that the print ( which is what we actually read) is available in different packages. One size doesn't fit all. After all some people have a Kindle and an iPad. Why not e-reader and a 'proper' book?
Formatting for e-book and Kindle require different approaches. I was still pondering on the best route for E-Pub which most readers use and that is still on the back burner. The Kindle version however, made it from the mixing bowl ( formatting) into the oven (conversion and build) and onto the table (Kindle store) bang on time by the skin of my teeth!

E-books are gathering pace here in the UK but many do not realise that they can download a Kindle App to their PC desktop,Laptop,iPad with its colour images, iPhone,Blackberry, Mac, Android etc. And they are free!
I have the App on my PC Desktop and Net book which synch. with each other. Great!

After a lot of marketing and a focus on a complete change from my Just Us Two travel adventure books, I am hoping that many, many people of all ages will find these Personal development Guides useful.

The first one - Lifelong Learning:A View from the Coal Face is the springboard to the series and, being based on previous research and viewpoints of mature learners, will appeal to those working in adult learning. 

Research Paper. Lifelong Learning.
Contents. .
Chapter One – Introduction.
Chapter Two – The Design of the Investigation. 
Chapter Three – Analysis of Issues.
Chapter Four – Conclusion.
Reflections. Post Research. 
Further Reading.
ISBN 978-1-908302-04-5 Print. ISBN 978-1-908302-05-2 Kindle. Christal Publishing.
Available on-line or your local bookseller worldwide.

Release Your Potential: Making Sense of Personal and Professional Development really is a blueprint  for how you can get on in life. It is for learners of all ages and abilities. Designed to be like a short workbook there is ample space for writing responses to the tasks set.
Many organisations are wanting evidence that you have continually sought to improve and up skill. On the other hand, you may not be clear in which direction you wish to go or do not know how to get to where you want to be. This book sheds light on this with practical application.
Winners and Losers
Compiling a Curriculum Vitae
How I Learn Best
Time Management
Stress Management
Personal Development Recording
An Effective Learning and Development Strategy
ISBN 9789-1-908302-08-3 Print ISBN 978-1-908302-09-0 Kindle. Christal Publishing
Available on-line or your local bookseller worldwide.

Follow the helpful links on my Discover-Rosalie website    or go to Amazon US      
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Available on-line or your local bookseller worldwide. 

Rosalie. xx