Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Proof copies A-OK for new Personal Effectiveness Guides

I have in my little hands two proof copies of  the  new Rosalie Marsh Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness Guides. It was a lot of hard work and fun writing them (much was on the computer from studies years ago but needed updating) and a lot of satisfaction. Designing the covers was fun and satisfying. The interior layout has already had a comment:
"Nice layout, easy to read," as I used a nice rounded font with good spacing.
From my work in adult learning over the years I have been increasingly frustrated at the gaps in education. Lifelong Learning:A View From the Coal face is just that -  a view from where I was at the time (the coal face or first hand experience) with results of research analysis.I was also disturbed at a recent report which indicated that not a lot has changed in some areas in spite of policy changes. The results of the semi-structured interviews with mature learners had surprising results and viewpoints with a common theme that 'confidence' was a beneficial outcome of learning and achievement.
In Release Your Potential:Making Sense of Personal and Professional Development I re-visit studies which focussed on the actual process of professional development. Again coming from a personal viewpoint which underpins my passion in this area, the topics relate to personal aspirations as much as professional ones as I seek to encourage the development of, not only human potential, but the whole person, which is the crux of the matter and road to personal fulfilment.
Due for release on September 1st,both guides (books) are suitable for 15 years upwards. L.L. A View From the Coal Face is the springboard for the series and  leans to the  the Professional/Vocational/ Business Studies  areas and for those interested in the background of the subject matter and research findings.
Release Your Potential:Making Sense of Personal and Professional Development will also appeal to the Professional / Vocational/ Business Studies areas. However, in addition, it is particularly  to a cross section of areas  and a stating point from seeking employment to improving chances off success.
Then after all that - I had to strip all the formatting and re-do for e-book formats. Chuffed at the successful conversion prior to uploading. Kindle will be ready for September 1st with other formats, if not then, soon after.

Take a look at Barnes and Noble (very keen prices), Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith for example to order on-line or at your local bookseller. All titles available worldwide.
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