Sunday, 31 July 2011

A user-friendly reading experience

We all put so much effort into our writing. But how many of us consider the reader and readability of our books. Not the content, but the practicalities.
I bought a book from an on-line store some months ago. Content was brilliant - just what I wanted to know. It was written by a specialist in the field. Published by a traditional publisher (one who turned me down three years ago in fact).The book wasn't big, in fact it was a nice handy size. It wasn't too expensive. But do you know what? I hated it. The paper was rough and cheap and even worse was the nasty feel it left on my hands. I had to go and wash.Not a user-friendly reading experience at all.(It also left me feeling glad that the publisher had declined to include Just Us Two in their stable.)
It was then that I realised what 'printed on acid-free paper' meant.
All my books are printed on eco-friendly acid-free paper. It has a lovely smooth feel so that as you curl up you are not put off by nasty deposits on your hands. You can actually caress it - such a soothing action as you smooth your hands over the pages.
Just as important for a positive memorable reading experience is the readability of the font. Yes, the font. Consider the type and the size and  how easy to read it is.
I hate it when the font is so small that you practically need a magnifying glass to read it. Either that or put the book away.
Is that why e-readers are catching on? You can change the font size to suit your eyes.
Food for thought.
Someone flicked through a proof copy of Release Your Potential:Making Sense of Personal and Professional Development and stroking the paper commented:'That's nice. Easy to read.' Just what I wanted to hear. Thanks for the encouraging feedback. The covers of the new Personal Effectiveness Guides (01.09.2011) have had positive feedback from  various sources."Bright" "Modern" to name just a few.
Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two has the same nice rounded font with an easy to read layout. Available from Waterstones,WHSmith, Barnes and Noble Amazon etc 
Rosalie xx