Saturday, 9 July 2011

Good conversation and travel talk at Wrexham Tweet Up

In case you don't know what a tweet-up is it is a social meeting between Twitterers - those who tweet nonsense (and sometimes sense) from behind a faceless computer. A chance to get out of the house and meet REAL people, have a REAL conversation and break the isolation of lone working.
Colette of the Lemon Tree Hotel in Wrexham, North Wales has re-introduced them but this time on a Saturday at lunch-time. What an inspiration. Evenings can be busy after a day's work and during the day takes you away from commitments. 
Lazy camels in Lanzarote. 2011
Well, today the Lemon Tweet-up had the effect of making me stop work when I should not have even started; it being Saturday and time for a day off.
I met some new people and old friends. Arriving early, I spied Alan of @MakoCreative in a corner and conversation flowed as we talked about his fantastic life-like pencil drawings of animals. Conversation moved on to travel, Goldwing Motorbikes and the story behind our journeys and travel adventures before moving on to my other passion of realising potential and the new Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides due out soon.

Andorran Mountains June 2010

I had seen @JackieSynergie at another networking meeting and we quickly shared travel experiences. I was fascinated at her stories of adapting a Land Rover. Talk turned to Andalusia and Nerja; islands such as Sicily, Azores, Madeira, Canaries etc and our forthcoming trip to southern Italy  - a new adventure - with a return to Sicily. Sadly not on the Gold Wing as those days are over but with our tried and tested over 50's travel company who we know will look after us.

The Islands will feature in Island Interludes - the next of the Just Us Two series.
I ended the Tweet -Up with a light meal of Ciabatta topped with tomatoes and basil. The taste took me back to Italy. Well from an Italian Restaurant you would expect that wouldn't you? 
Thank You Colette. 

Rosalie xx