Saturday, 11 June 2011

Moving on with the Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness Guides

September 1st 2011 sees the launch of our new series of Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness Guides.

Lifelong Learning is the springboard for the series where I re-visit previous research which looked at the wider issues of learning such as opportunity, access, professional and personal development to name a few, before asking if the success if the initiatives is being effectively measured.
Release Your Potential will help you to identify what you know now and need to know in order to improve; plan how to achieve your goals; develop and maintain a personal development Portfolio.
Aimed at the Home Learner and designed to be read in bite-sized chunks, this user-friendly  series of Personal Effectiveness Guides, seek to enable readers to achieve their potential; become more effective and confident; develop themselves throughout their lives and career; work towards a successful future. They are designed as a support material for learners of all ages with a wide range of abilities. More details on 
Further guides planned for 2012 include:
Talking the Talk - Getting the Message Across
Customer? What Customer? - The Basic Essentials of Customer Service