Monday, 16 May 2011

Moving on with 'Release your Potential' in the Lifelong Learning Series

Great writing day today! having finished the draft of the first in the Lifelong Learning;Personal Effectiveness series I have moved on with the second one - Release Your Potential:Making Sense of Personal and Professional Development.
As I commented on the European Lunch Show 87.7 FM last Thursday, Lifelong Learning is the new buzz word again but really it has been around for a long time. And I quoted Jan Van Comenius who, writing in Pampaedia in 1609 said: " every age is an age for learning . . .even life itself . . . from the cradle to the grave"
It is a subject close to my heart but one which is like a foreign language to many people but is increasingly important as organisations step up the drive to increase skills in the workplace for economic prosperity. I, though have the view that the whole person is important, not just the 'professional side' and that they are interlinked.
 Having spent many years in sales management followed by adult and further education in work-based learning (that is where we went out to the learner in the workplace at a time to suit them) I have loads of stuff to put out there so that it can be picked up and put down in an easy to read, user-friendly way at a user-friendly price.
Well that is the intention and all books will be formatted as e-books as well as print so that they are accessible to everyone.
I found a good theme for the first book-Lifelong Learning:A View from the Coal Face (due for release September 1st and available for pre-order ISBN 978-1-908302-04-5). A simple scene of birds soaring in the sky above a tree. If anyone gets a 'view from the coal face' they do. There is still time to change that but I think it depicts the content of being written and researched from a first hand view. hence the 'coal face'.
Quite a change from Rosie's jaunts in Just Us Two!

I am now on Goodreads with links to books, videos etc all in one place.

Rosalie xx