Thursday, 12 May 2011

European Lunch at Red Shift Radio - Crewe

An exciting and interesting couple of hours this Thursday lunchtime as I joined Chrisoula Sirigou and two other guests (Kate and Jo) to discuss our travel experiences. 
Chrisoula runs ExploramaEU and encourages people to Explore, Enrich and Achieve through travel, foreign language and culture courses.
Chrisoula and I found a common bond in adult teaching and there was a lively discussion on Lifelong Learning ( the focus of my new series of books to encourage people who don't have the opportunity to develop themselves in their jobs - and maybe some who do but want some extra help. ( It is aimed at those on the lower rungs of the ladder in the main.) Now that Chasing Rainbows is out in the open and up and running (forgive the pun) I am moving on with the Lifelong Learning - Personal Effectiveness series. It is all about pushing the boundaries a little more and helping you to be more effective in the workplace and life in general.

In the European Lunchtime Show we discovered others' experiences. Jo talked about Kenya while Kate shared her experiences while travelling with Jo. I shared Andalusia as well as travels in general and, of course, when encouraged, talked a little about the story behind the book Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery. 
This actually linked into personal development as our experiences certainly pushed back the boundaries in more ways than one and challenged us and our personal resources. The underlying message was: 'well we will do it why we can'
A lovely relaxed lunchtime show on Red Shift radio 87.7FM on Thursdays. I hope that Chrisoula will have me back - perhaps to chat about the long leg of Italy of our Island Interlude holidays (not on a motorbike!).
If you have read Just Us Two you can   now buy Chasing rainbows in print or   Kindle. Don't forget - you can download an app for PC, iPad Android etc. The pages just flick over like in a a book and if you like your print size a little larger you can do that and the text just re-flows. Clever!

Oh - and Just Us Two is available on Nook-Sony and other readers. 

Rosalie xx