Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Another snippet of Rosalie's life - food for thought

I have been a busy bunny this last few days as I plough on with the second of the Personal Effectiveness guides. Now working on Release Your Potential - a subject close to my heart. Due for release in September are the first two in this Lifelong Learning Series. Quite a heavy word is Lifelong Learning but with the current focus on skills levels (lack) it has come to the forefront of things. Quite simple really. Life itself is a learning journey and learning doesn't stop when you leave school. Those are the foundations to be built on. More on  Christal Publishing.
I am getting down to stress management today and have just re-read some research I did years ago. Stress management is all part of  the personal and professional development process.
"There is no stereotype definition. Acceptable stress levels vary with each individual; are dependent on an individual's needs and preferences at any one time . . ."

I  attended a book launch last weekend and spent the weekend devouring the latest of  Jean Mead's Widow Maker's Trilogy. Another excellent read and stress buster.
I will be joining her and a few other authors at Penrhyn Castle, Bangor on Friday for a day of relaxation and chat with visitors as we sign books.

Yesterday I put 'stress' at one side and got creative again. Updating websites is absorbing and time consuming. I found I was able to change the background on the site and have put back my signature rose which was on my logo some years ago. Looks quite cool.
Took time out to watch President & Mrs  Obama arrive in Ireland. I bet they were starved through with the wind and rain. No doubt the Guinness went down well! Hope the car wasn't badly damaged when it his the metal on the exit ramp. It has been a good few days for watching visits and events etc.

Rosalie xx