Saturday, 28 May 2011

Penrhyn Castle. A Perfect Setting for an Author's Day

I was invited to join author Jean Mead and others at an Author's Day yesterday May 28th. Penrhyn Castle at Bangor,North Wales is a perfect setting for a gathering like this. We had hoped for good weather so that we could sit on the grass and entice visitors to give our books a home while we basked in the sunshine.
Unfortunately, it was a trifle cold and windy, so we were allocated a spot in the stables near the shop and between the entrance from the castle grounds and the exit out to the courtyard and Railway Museum.
Allen had his fill of examining nuts and bolts and the craftsmanship of the engines without hindrance from your truly, who was busy setting up a display of our Just Us Two Travel Books which are available in both print and e-book formats for Kindle and other readers.

Jean has just launched the second in her Widow Makers trilogy which is set in the quarries of North Wales and features Penrhyn Castle and its marble hall which soars up high. The last time we rode through Llanberis, I looked at the quarry with new eyes.
North Wales author Nia Pritchard and  author and publisher Gladys Mary Coles made up the group with a wide selection of titles on offer.

The inclement weather did not dampen our spirits and we all had some lovely conversations with visitors and each other as they passed through.
Penrhyn Castle is a National Trust property overlooking the Menai Straits and well worth a visit to see how the Victorians lived and worked.

Rosalie xx

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Another snippet of Rosalie's life - food for thought

I have been a busy bunny this last few days as I plough on with the second of the Personal Effectiveness guides. Now working on Release Your Potential - a subject close to my heart. Due for release in September are the first two in this Lifelong Learning Series. Quite a heavy word is Lifelong Learning but with the current focus on skills levels (lack) it has come to the forefront of things. Quite simple really. Life itself is a learning journey and learning doesn't stop when you leave school. Those are the foundations to be built on. More on  Christal Publishing.
I am getting down to stress management today and have just re-read some research I did years ago. Stress management is all part of  the personal and professional development process.
"There is no stereotype definition. Acceptable stress levels vary with each individual; are dependent on an individual's needs and preferences at any one time . . ."

I  attended a book launch last weekend and spent the weekend devouring the latest of  Jean Mead's Widow Maker's Trilogy. Another excellent read and stress buster.
I will be joining her and a few other authors at Penrhyn Castle, Bangor on Friday for a day of relaxation and chat with visitors as we sign books.

Yesterday I put 'stress' at one side and got creative again. Updating websites is absorbing and time consuming. I found I was able to change the background on the site and have put back my signature rose which was on my logo some years ago. Looks quite cool.
Took time out to watch President & Mrs  Obama arrive in Ireland. I bet they were starved through with the wind and rain. No doubt the Guinness went down well! Hope the car wasn't badly damaged when it his the metal on the exit ramp. It has been a good few days for watching visits and events etc.

Rosalie xx

Monday, 16 May 2011

Moving on with 'Release your Potential' in the Lifelong Learning Series

Great writing day today! having finished the draft of the first in the Lifelong Learning;Personal Effectiveness series I have moved on with the second one - Release Your Potential:Making Sense of Personal and Professional Development.
As I commented on the European Lunch Show 87.7 FM last Thursday, Lifelong Learning is the new buzz word again but really it has been around for a long time. And I quoted Jan Van Comenius who, writing in Pampaedia in 1609 said: " every age is an age for learning . . .even life itself . . . from the cradle to the grave"
It is a subject close to my heart but one which is like a foreign language to many people but is increasingly important as organisations step up the drive to increase skills in the workplace for economic prosperity. I, though have the view that the whole person is important, not just the 'professional side' and that they are interlinked.
 Having spent many years in sales management followed by adult and further education in work-based learning (that is where we went out to the learner in the workplace at a time to suit them) I have loads of stuff to put out there so that it can be picked up and put down in an easy to read, user-friendly way at a user-friendly price.
Well that is the intention and all books will be formatted as e-books as well as print so that they are accessible to everyone.
I found a good theme for the first book-Lifelong Learning:A View from the Coal Face (due for release September 1st and available for pre-order ISBN 978-1-908302-04-5). A simple scene of birds soaring in the sky above a tree. If anyone gets a 'view from the coal face' they do. There is still time to change that but I think it depicts the content of being written and researched from a first hand view. hence the 'coal face'.
Quite a change from Rosie's jaunts in Just Us Two!

I am now on Goodreads with links to books, videos etc all in one place.

Rosalie xx

Thursday, 12 May 2011

European Lunch at Red Shift Radio - Crewe

An exciting and interesting couple of hours this Thursday lunchtime as I joined Chrisoula Sirigou and two other guests (Kate and Jo) to discuss our travel experiences. 
Chrisoula runs ExploramaEU and encourages people to Explore, Enrich and Achieve through travel, foreign language and culture courses.
Chrisoula and I found a common bond in adult teaching and there was a lively discussion on Lifelong Learning ( the focus of my new series of books to encourage people who don't have the opportunity to develop themselves in their jobs - and maybe some who do but want some extra help. ( It is aimed at those on the lower rungs of the ladder in the main.) Now that Chasing Rainbows is out in the open and up and running (forgive the pun) I am moving on with the Lifelong Learning - Personal Effectiveness series. It is all about pushing the boundaries a little more and helping you to be more effective in the workplace and life in general.

In the European Lunchtime Show we discovered others' experiences. Jo talked about Kenya while Kate shared her experiences while travelling with Jo. I shared Andalusia as well as travels in general and, of course, when encouraged, talked a little about the story behind the book Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery. 
This actually linked into personal development as our experiences certainly pushed back the boundaries in more ways than one and challenged us and our personal resources. The underlying message was: 'well we will do it why we can'
A lovely relaxed lunchtime show on Red Shift radio 87.7FM on Thursdays. I hope that Chrisoula will have me back - perhaps to chat about the long leg of Italy of our Island Interlude holidays (not on a motorbike!).
If you have read Just Us Two you can   now buy Chasing rainbows in print or   Kindle. Don't forget - you can download an app for PC, iPad Android etc. The pages just flick over like in a a book and if you like your print size a little larger you can do that and the text just re-flows. Clever!

Oh - and Just Us Two is available on Nook-Sony and other readers. 

Rosalie xx 

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Escaping computers for a day. exploring Anglesey.

The sun promised to shine; computers were in need of a rest, software uploads,downloads ,sideways loads and installations  all done. Time to chill out and take advantage of the quiet mid-week roads.
The A55 was clear and we took the old A5 past Penrhyn Castle through the university town of Bangor  to cross the Menai Straits on the very pretty and historic Suspension Bridge. (We could have gone to Parc Menai turn off and avoided Bangor but we weren't in a hurry.) Although we have lived in Wales for more years than we care to remember, we had never explored the north east coast beyond Beaumaris with its beaches at Red Wharf Bay.
Stopping off in Beaumaris for coffee and toasted tea-cakes at the Pier House Cafe gave us a chance to stretch our legs and enjoy the view of Snowdonia across the water. Driving past the castle we found ourselves on minor roads which ran along the edge of the sea.
Paying little attention to the map we turned inland to head for Red Wharf Bay  and the coast. What a delight! The narrow well-kept lanes were bordered by hedgerows dripping with hawthorn and deep yellow gorse. All at once we were through a tunnel of trees. Then the every changing vista from the undulating land gave us glimpses of fields bordered by clumps of gorse; lambs, sheep and cattle grazing quietly; tantalising glimpses of the sea on one side and the mountains of Snowdonia on the other.
Skirting around the coast to Amlwch, passing ancient burial chambers  which are scattered around the island, we turned inland before making our way to the village of Valley. At the charming and friendly Valley Hotel  we worked our way through what we thought would be a pub lunch but turned out to be a hearty meal. And cheap!
Taking the road along the side of the hotel we followed the coast, over Four Mile Bridge (where Holy Island is joined to Mon) through Treaddur Bay, into what seemed another land. In fact O2 must have thought we were abroad as it sent us a text message advising us of the cost of calls from to the UK and Europe! This is a dramatic coast, with rocky inlets and twisting lanes. We soon came to Holyhead. In fact I could tell it was Holyhead as a  spanking new Morrisons Superstore stood out on the skyline.

I was surprised also to see that there is a big retail park on the outskirts of Holyhead just before the port. For walkers there is the Coastal Country Park and Holyhead Mountain. During our day exploring we criss-crossed the island taking roads at will, finding a cuppa at the Bull Hotel in Llangefni before heading back over the newer Britannia Bridge across the straits to our little pocket North Wales at the opposite side to Anglesey. 

Rosalie  xx
(Photos  of  Beaumaris - taken 2010)