Friday, 8 April 2011

Lifelong Learning -Releasing your potential

When I first started freelancing about ten years ago as a Learning and Development Consultant in the field of Work Based Learning (WBL), I had  a logo of an unfurling rose with the strap line of 'Release your Potential'.

A variation of this theme has become quite common as the focus on developing self and improving performance to raise skills levels has taken hold.

Over the last ten years my passion for everyone to 'release their potential' ,to develop their potential and the 'whole person' has not diminished; in truth, it increased as I worked with learners from a wide occupational and skills area in the workplace; learners who, for various reasons, did not have the qualifications they needed to progress. In some cases, the learners had slipped the net so to speak whilst in school.

I recently re-visited the research and  dissertation which I undertook for my education degree in 2001. The title? Lifelong Learning: The Contribution of Current Initiatives to the Development of Human Potential and the Whole Person. It is the last two words which  are the crux. The whole person; not merely upskilling and development for a job role. The whole person; all the different facets which make up a human being.

As I read and thought about other research which I had undertaken more recently, I sadly reflected that the problem still exists.; there is still a huge chasm to be bridged.

Building on twenty-one years of commercial training and experience plus  fifteen years experience and upskilling in FurtherEducation -WBL ,I aim to reach out to those who are not in a position to attend formal courses; do not work for an organisation who have the resources to run training schemes beyond what the job requires. I am writing a series of short books/guides (better in bite-sized pieces) which will be available in print and e-book formats. 

These will be based around Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness.They will cover a variety of areas relating to self and effectiveness in the workplace. The first is planned for late 2011. More on that later so watch out for more updates.

The Just Us Two series will not be forgotten.After Chasing Rainbows, due to debut in print on May 1st 2011,will be Island Interludes in 2012.

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Rosalie xx
Have a good weekend.