Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Exploring e-books - different formats/readers

Electronic books or e-books,  are becoming more popular in the UK. With the advent of Kindle in the UK  last October, readers (human) are finding that with the click of a button they can download their latest favourite book at considerable savings on a print version. (Let's face it - if you haven't paid much and don't like the book, you haven't wasted much money.)
      However Kindle has its own format or platform. There are other readers (devices) out there such as Sony, Barnes & Noble Nook  in (USA) Android, IPhone, iPad, Palm , and files in *pdf format. All are formatted in different formats. ( A bit like making a cake with the same ingredients - the book -  but a different recipe or something like that.)
       Kindles are only in black and white at present but if the file has been formatted in colour, then with a reader which has colour, you will see the images in colour.
this is the case of Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two. At present only on Amazon Kindle. 
      If you use an Apple iPhone; iPad;  DesktopPC, Laptop or Netbook; Android, then you can download the Kindle App - it takes seconds - which opens up the world of a flexible, economic,reading experience. Don't want to lose your page? Bookmark it.
Reading a text book for course work and need to make notes? No problem. Prefer larger print? Easy Peasy. Just make the font larger and the reader will smoothly re-flow the text.
       Many fear that e-books will be the death of traditional print - and I am on dangerous ground here - but I feel that, on the contrary, the ease and availability of downloading a book via the internet will actually increase readership. For those who see 'reading a book' as a barrier, a few simple clicks of the mouse can remove that barrier. They may then decide to buy the print copy so that they can snuggle up with a cuppa and turn the pages at leisure before actually wanting to read another book. 
      Another advantage of an e-book reader is mobility and transportability. No more packing your collection of holiday reading material or being weighted down with a school back-pack. Just download to an e-reader and weight is a thing of the past.
      With 9million people in the UK who are not on the internet,  some areas even now do not have broadband access) the ease  of downloading an e-book offers much scope for increasing, not only reading itself but e-book reading. And lets face it, many people only use a computer for the internet or to play games. These fast-fingered people will find clicking for an e-book a doddle.

      One last thought. If you are reading *pdf files on a computer, then for a better reading experience, download Adobe Digital Editions. The pages will then flip over like in a real book and like readers such as Kindle.
Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery available in different formats for most readers direct from publishers AuthorHouse
      Both Just Us Two and the sequel Chasing Rainbows are available  for Kindle and Kindle Apps from Amazon US site  and Amazon UK site

      The new Lifelong Learning series starting in September 2011 will also be made available for Kindle.