Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Exploring e-books - different formats/readers

Electronic books or e-books,  are becoming more popular in the UK. With the advent of Kindle in the UK  last October, readers (human) are finding that with the click of a button they can download their latest favourite book at considerable savings on a print version. (Let's face it - if you haven't paid much and don't like the book, you haven't wasted much money.)
      However Kindle has its own format or platform. There are other readers (devices) out there such as Sony, Barnes & Noble Nook  in (USA) Android, IPhone, iPad, Palm , and files in *pdf format. All are formatted in different formats. ( A bit like making a cake with the same ingredients - the book -  but a different recipe or something like that.)
       Kindles are only in black and white at present but if the file has been formatted in colour, then with a reader which has colour, you will see the images in colour.
this is the case of Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two. At present only on Amazon Kindle. 
      If you use an Apple iPhone; iPad;  DesktopPC, Laptop or Netbook; Android, then you can download the Kindle App - it takes seconds - which opens up the world of a flexible, economic,reading experience. Don't want to lose your page? Bookmark it.
Reading a text book for course work and need to make notes? No problem. Prefer larger print? Easy Peasy. Just make the font larger and the reader will smoothly re-flow the text.
       Many fear that e-books will be the death of traditional print - and I am on dangerous ground here - but I feel that, on the contrary, the ease and availability of downloading a book via the internet will actually increase readership. For those who see 'reading a book' as a barrier, a few simple clicks of the mouse can remove that barrier. They may then decide to buy the print copy so that they can snuggle up with a cuppa and turn the pages at leisure before actually wanting to read another book. 
      Another advantage of an e-book reader is mobility and transportability. No more packing your collection of holiday reading material or being weighted down with a school back-pack. Just download to an e-reader and weight is a thing of the past.
      With 9million people in the UK who are not on the internet,  some areas even now do not have broadband access) the ease  of downloading an e-book offers much scope for increasing, not only reading itself but e-book reading. And lets face it, many people only use a computer for the internet or to play games. These fast-fingered people will find clicking for an e-book a doddle.

      One last thought. If you are reading *pdf files on a computer, then for a better reading experience, download Adobe Digital Editions. The pages will then flip over like in a real book and like readers such as Kindle.
Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery available in different formats for most readers direct from publishers AuthorHouse
      Both Just Us Two and the sequel Chasing Rainbows are available  for Kindle and Kindle Apps from Amazon US site  and Amazon UK site

      The new Lifelong Learning series starting in September 2011 will also be made available for Kindle.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chasing Rainbows - Debut May 1st.. Launch Event May 6th/7th

Sat Navs! Do you love them or hate them?
Have you ever ended up near Brussels when you wanted Reims or Paris? Why did Sat Nav lose her voice?
A light-hearted, inspirational story for all ages. Rosalie brings alive the countryside and day-to-day practicalities as she ‘Chases Rainbows’.

Lots of tongue-in-cheek humour from Rosie who grabs every opportunity to stick pins into maps and says  ‘Let’s go . . .’ A peek into Rosie’s life as she pleads for maps instead of the hidden controller. You know boys and their toys? . . .

In the second in the Just Us Two series (where ‘Ned’  has come out of the shadows and reverted to his given name), Rosie has a love-hate relationship with the hidden controller which sits on the dashboard and threatened to ruin their next big trip . . .

Now, no longer able to ride, this intrepid couple finally say ‘good-bye’ to their Gold Wing motorbiking days but only after more adventures; this time not on a Honda Gold Wing; and this time not quite Just Us Two . . .

With photos, detailed routes, historical and geographical facts, Rosie takes you on a whirlwind journey –
  • re-visiting  Ireland to drink in the rugged beauty of County Mayo – where Rosie leaves her heart –  as they re-trace their footsteps from an earlier journey.
  • across France, exploring mountain villages the Alps.
  • into the breathtaking wonder of the Andorran mountains and awesome grandeur of the Spanish Pyrénées where they meet up with Gold Wing motorbiker friends – and Sat Nav led them astray!
  • guiding you around  the dazzling splendour of  Versailles.

And why were they  almost stranded in Paris as Rosie chased her rainbows . . .?

PRICE: £9.99 GBP;  $12.99 USD;   EURO 11.10
Available to pre-order from your on-line retailer or  local bookseller
ISBN 978-1-908302-00-7
Chasing Rainbows-with Just Us Two  is the  sequel to  Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie’s Gold Wing Discovery - Winner of 2010 International Book Awards (Travel:Recreational) and Finalist in the 2009 USA Book News Best Books Awards in the same category.
Rosalie will sign your copy at the book launch event on May6th 6-9pm or May 7th. 10-4pm @ Petrolheads Cafe Bar, Bagillt, North Wales
Tel:07548 010325 or contact Rosialie

Friday, 8 April 2011

Lifelong Learning -Releasing your potential

When I first started freelancing about ten years ago as a Learning and Development Consultant in the field of Work Based Learning (WBL), I had  a logo of an unfurling rose with the strap line of 'Release your Potential'.

A variation of this theme has become quite common as the focus on developing self and improving performance to raise skills levels has taken hold.

Over the last ten years my passion for everyone to 'release their potential' ,to develop their potential and the 'whole person' has not diminished; in truth, it increased as I worked with learners from a wide occupational and skills area in the workplace; learners who, for various reasons, did not have the qualifications they needed to progress. In some cases, the learners had slipped the net so to speak whilst in school.

I recently re-visited the research and  dissertation which I undertook for my education degree in 2001. The title? Lifelong Learning: The Contribution of Current Initiatives to the Development of Human Potential and the Whole Person. It is the last two words which  are the crux. The whole person; not merely upskilling and development for a job role. The whole person; all the different facets which make up a human being.

As I read and thought about other research which I had undertaken more recently, I sadly reflected that the problem still exists.; there is still a huge chasm to be bridged.

Building on twenty-one years of commercial training and experience plus  fifteen years experience and upskilling in FurtherEducation -WBL ,I aim to reach out to those who are not in a position to attend formal courses; do not work for an organisation who have the resources to run training schemes beyond what the job requires. I am writing a series of short books/guides (better in bite-sized pieces) which will be available in print and e-book formats. 

These will be based around Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness.They will cover a variety of areas relating to self and effectiveness in the workplace. The first is planned for late 2011. More on that later so watch out for more updates.

The Just Us Two series will not be forgotten.After Chasing Rainbows, due to debut in print on May 1st 2011,will be Island Interludes in 2012.

If you would like to be the first to hear about latest developments visit Discover-Rosalie and complete the contact form.

Rosalie xx
Have a good weekend.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Book Launch of Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two at Petrolheads

Well, we are nearly at the end of this particular rainbow. It has been an exciting journey and with our two-day book launch at Petrolheads Cafe Milk Bar, A548 Bagillt, Flint we are ready to share our adventures.
Cafe owner Kevin Wilding has been very generous in allowing us to come on Bikers Night Friday May 6th 6-9pm and Saturday May 7th 10-4pm

We loved our last visit to Petrolheads which was very successful in all ways as we met and chatted to bikers and travellers who had braved the elements. I will be signing copies of both books which are also available in the e-book format to download from Amazon. We hope to have some videos to play again.

"Chasing Rainbows is the real end to Rosie's Gold Wing story and the sequel to  award-winning Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery. As usual Rosie pokes fun at herself with tongue-in-cheek humour over her love-hate relationship with 'the hidden controller which sat on the dashboard'. You know boys and their toys? "

Apart from that, Chasing Rainbows - with photos, detailed routes and many facts -  recounts  a wonderful journey across Ireland to Co.Mayo  before embarking on a BIG TRIP to  wonderful Andorra  in the Pyrenees - meeting a group of Gold Wing biker friends - with lots of deviations and adventures on the way in France and Spanish Pyrenees!

Hope to see you there.
Rosalie xx

Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery is also available from publisher Author House as paperback and e-book for most readers.