Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Inspiring Lecture at Glyndwr University

I  spent a pleasant hour this evening listening to an inspiring lecture by Professor Karen Graham of Glyndwr University. Her subject was one that is dear to my own heart - From Policy to Practice: The Value of Work Based Learning (WBL). Lifelong Learning and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) were a part of this.

Having now 'retired' from hand's-on WBL I welcomed the opportunity to hear some current thinking. Since researching Lifelong Learning with a focus on  the Development of Human Potential and the Whole Person, over ten years ago for my Dissertation I continued in Work-Based Learning in a variety of client organisations with a wide  spectrum if learners. It appears clear that the targets which I researched then have not reached the success levels anticipated. Well that is for another publication and another day.

Professor Graham took us through the background, where we were, where we are now and the focus for the future. It all rang an awful lot of bells! First we had  'Learning to Succeed' followed by 'Success for all', then Prosperity for all. It will take time to change people's mindsets but change we must if we are to up the skill level and make us economically competetive.

Now that Chasing Rainbows is nearly out of the oven so to speak, I am starting on a Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness series. (Have to put my experiences to good use.)Tonight has re-inforced my conviction that there is a place for some bite-sized clear and concise reading matter such as I plan.

It is amazing to see how the Glyndwr Campus has grown and developed over the last few years since we came to North Wales over forty years ago. These are exciting times as this newly formed university seeks to break the mould.