Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Webinar -The Science of Timing ( Tweets,blog,FB posts and all)

I am well into webinars now.  In the middle of the BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technology Centre (BBMTC) programme, I saw an intriguing post on Twitter - 'The Science of Timing'. So I hot-footed it to check the time zones and sign up. 1pm ET worked out at 18:00 hrs GMT. A  great time for me! 

The Science of Timing explored the results of research carried out by Dan Zarella of Boston MA. who is a HubSpot Social Media Scientist. Through the medium of Media Player and others Dan had lots of slides with amazing data showing the best optimum times to tweet, e-mail, post or Face Book and Blog. The data also showed the times when most people unsubscribe etc. and re-tweet. Amazing stuff. I had never thought of this as a science though.

I had already carried out a calculation for GMT.  E.g. if I blogged or timed my BookBuzzr auto tweets for  say 5pm GMT then that would be approx. 5am Australia, late evening in India and lunch-time in parts of USA.

Not surprisingly (and we are talking US EST time here) 11am was the busiest time for tweeters and Saturday the busiest day. I would guess that 11am is coffee time in most workplaces but if a Saturday,is 11am when tweeters surface? Dan pointed out that the surprising low  results for daytime / weekdays could be due to a clamp down by organisations on internet use in company time.

This data was very informative for marketing purposes. For myself, I  usually settle myself  with a cuppa on rising, and catch up with what is happening in the world via Twitter and FB whilst watching the BBC Breakfast Show.

Through out the day I log on at various times and catch up (usually when I get a notification) and before I sign off for the day so my tweeting, posting etc. is not really planned. I am aware that, if not careful, more time can be spent in time-consuming social networking chat when the time would be more productively spent actually working on something tangible.

I am impressed with the pre-webinar checks on system requirements/capabilities which the technology used for the webinars, allows participants to carry out. The HubSpot one had links to download updates if required.

For someone like myself  who is out the mainstream of office/organisation dynamics, webinars fill a gap. The 24,000 who signed up for The Science of Timing who may or may not be lone workers obviously think so.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Inspiring Lecture at Glyndwr University

I  spent a pleasant hour this evening listening to an inspiring lecture by Professor Karen Graham of Glyndwr University. Her subject was one that is dear to my own heart - From Policy to Practice: The Value of Work Based Learning (WBL). Lifelong Learning and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) were a part of this.

Having now 'retired' from hand's-on WBL I welcomed the opportunity to hear some current thinking. Since researching Lifelong Learning with a focus on  the Development of Human Potential and the Whole Person, over ten years ago for my Dissertation I continued in Work-Based Learning in a variety of client organisations with a wide  spectrum if learners. It appears clear that the targets which I researched then have not reached the success levels anticipated. Well that is for another publication and another day.

Professor Graham took us through the background, where we were, where we are now and the focus for the future. It all rang an awful lot of bells! First we had  'Learning to Succeed' followed by 'Success for all', then Prosperity for all. It will take time to change people's mindsets but change we must if we are to up the skill level and make us economically competetive.

Now that Chasing Rainbows is nearly out of the oven so to speak, I am starting on a Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness series. (Have to put my experiences to good use.)Tonight has re-inforced my conviction that there is a place for some bite-sized clear and concise reading matter such as I plan.

It is amazing to see how the Glyndwr Campus has grown and developed over the last few years since we came to North Wales over forty years ago. These are exciting times as this newly formed university seeks to break the mould.


Saturday, 19 March 2011

My week ..Chocolate Heaven, Webinars, Cover Design and such like.

Friday night treats don't get much better than this and very welcome after my week!
Jo Edwards of Aballu Truffles finally made it to the finishing post with the opening of her new chocolate-making shop in a lovely old listed building on Station Road Rossett,Wrexham, North Wales. The Cocoa Rooms is the Name and Artisan Chocolatier is the game.
Sensibly Jo had a lovely informal 'drop-in' evening so, along with daughter Joanna  (and Di who was visiting) we 'dropped in'. I had tasted Jo's chocolates before at a Tweet Up at the Lemon Tree Bar, Hotel. Wrexham.  sometime before Christmas when Jo's new venture and planned move from Llay was in progress.
Well what about the chocolates? Cheese with a difference. Not really cheese as we know it but chocolate cheeses ( Spiced; lemon and ginger; praline) which we could sample and spread onto crackers. then there were the truffles - mmm and blocks of chocolate with jelly bean toppings and brazil but topping - more mmm's. All presented nicely wrapped in clear cellophane tied with a ribbon.
Jo does lovely little selection boxes, again tied with a ribbon, which make a nice little token of appreciation ( two in a box) or a present (more in a box). After sampling afters first so to speak, we took a look at the Pizza boxes. I thought they were real pizzas but - no - chocolate pizzas. Upstairs there was a selection of snacks along with orange chocolate and more . . . After this we went to join the men for dinner at The Alyn just down the road on the corner by the river. Rossett is such a lovely village and quite timeless.
Well this was the end to a busy week which included a late night on Wed/Thurs due to time zones where I waited up for the BookBuzzr  Webinar on marketing e-books. This is something close to my heart as it brings reading into the sphere of those who may feel daunted by a paper book ( unhappy shades of school perhaps)  as well as an alternative to carrying heavy books around. ( A bit like mobile phones and landlines.)
My first book Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery (Author House) is now on Kindle. Ahead of print on May 1st, Christal Publishing have put the sequel - Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two on Kindle at a very competetive price for download.They are offering free delivery. (Yes it does cost a few pence to download the file over the airwaves.) No Kindle? The downloadable apps to PC-iphone etc are great and if your reader has colour then the Chasing Rainbows cover and interior photos are in colour. Look at those lovely Gold Wings.
More photos in the Chasing Rainbows photo album on my Facebook page. Facebook Profile.
Last but not least,we had some fun converting the cover of Chasing Rainbows for print but with some new software all was soon sorted.

Have a lovely weekend. The garden is calling. Honeysuckles and Roses need a spring feed!

Rosalie xx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lifelong Learning - the reality

Well its back to normal after a relaxing two weeks away in Lanzarote. The sun shone- sometimes. The wind blew - a lot. I wrote another chapter of Island Interludes - due 2012 - after touring the island again bit this time under our own steam.Wrote the Foreword to Lifelong Learning - a View from the Coal Face - planned for later this year.
Have now caught up on upcoming seminars, lectures and Webinars.
I was interested to see on Twitter on hols that there is a lecture on Lifelong Learning at the Catrin Finch Centre, Glyndwr University, Wrexham. Work Based Learning ( my area) is now being more formally recognised and embedded it appears. It was quite a new focus and strategy when I moved to FE in 1995 although it has always been around I think.
Just been reminded on Twitter about the BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technology Centre (BBMTC) Webinars in the next two weeks so I have hot-footed it to register. Next weeks is 1am GMT - will try to keep awake but have the dentist later that morning! The week after is a more civilised (for me) time of 9am. All about e-book publishing and sounds good.

So, now to Chasing Rainbows due for release May 1st and this is what you call retirement?
Well Lifelong Learning is 'from the cradle to the grave' as Jan Van Comenius said in 1609 when writing in Pampaedia. So it is nothing new!

Just a bit of Sunday food for thought and change of focus from travel writings.

Rosalie x